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Anything to enhance the high ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Robertkey91, May 13, 2011.

  1. Is there any way to get higher without weed ?
  2. Walk up some steps
  3. Take the elevator.
  4. u mean like make the weed u smoked get u higher then without?

    if so, yea, eat a mango.
  5. take a t break
  6. A mango thirty to forty mins before smoking I hear is awesome...
  7. Fly!

    Seriously, try it.
  8. Smoke sitting down and wait like 5 mins and stand up fast. I heard smoking a cigarette after gets you higher.
  9. more weed
  10. A vagina bein mean to your penis by pulling and jerkin it over and over at various speeds.....damn vaginas:rolleyes:
  11. Eat an edible.
  12. Smoking after a t break of at least 10 days will bring new experiences to your high I guarantee that.
  13. I personally find 20-30 minutes of cardio immediately followed by smoking gets me higher quicker. Plus, I don't feel so bad about downing obscene amounts of food afterwards.

    Exercise + Pot + Food = everything the body needs
  14. Mango bra. Really works.
  15. Ride a bike high. Doesn't matter if it's pedal or dirtbike. Fucking feels like your flying
  16. i was so fucked up yesterday i smoked a oz then i took a backwood and that messed me up
  17. #17 OGkushak, May 13, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    What! The make bras of food now?!?!?!?
  18. Move around and get outside.
  19. if you don't eat food then your high will last longer.
  20. true dat.i Drank an orange soda and less than 30 minutes later CRASH.damn sugar.

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