Anything to be concerned about please take a close look at this,if so is any saveable?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Stevee1019, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. Looks like a mold issue or budrot :(
  2. So is a total loss or remove the brown and I'm okay to dry and smoke?

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  3. Have you already harvested?
  4. If you've harvested just throw away any affected buds and dry the rest and pray.

    Bud rot is caused by a fungus so.....
  5. Yes, pic is 30 minutes after cutting?

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  6. Way to early to harvest talking month or more looks like you got green bud if about bud rot did the leafs turn over night on you around a bud site? That's a good way to know to check for bud rot

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  7. read that post I made
  8. This is like the 4th thread you've made about this same thing and we've all told you what it could be man.
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  9. Thanks dude, just bummed, hoping for a miracle....
  10. Looks way to early to chop, dude there are sprays you can use if you have those types of issues. Could potentially clear that problem. Lower your humidity also.

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  11. Posting the thread over and over won't change the outcome unfortunately. Still looks like budrot to me +harvested way too early
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  12. We have a case of early harvest here. star-wars-yoda-17-will-frank-oz-return-as-yoda-in-the-star-wars-sequels-ifc.jpg
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  13. I invested in a pocket microscope to prevent this tragedy....
    a tragedy very similiar to the one of Darth Plagueis the wise........
  14. Microscope won't prevent this, only good air flow and lower humidity.

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  15. Early harvest prevention is what I meant my man..
  16. Preparation is always key. Good for you.

    No it won't. But if patience is present it will.
  17. Lol damn another one. It's bud rot man :smoke:
  18. And impatience.

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