anything to accelerate the rooting of clones?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by guitarandpot, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. one of my buddies told me about this device thats like $500 and it makes ur clones root wayyyyy faster, anyone kno wut this is? i wanna get one ;)
  2. ya paypal me $500 and i'll send you one.

  3. haha i just wanted to know what it is so i can doo some research
  4. $500?! LOL. Was he talking about an aeroponic setup?
  5. i really dont know lol. all i know is that it takes clippings to plants in a week lol
  6. Your buddy was probably talking about an :: EZ-Clone, Inc. :: machine. They're spendy, and for about 50-60 bucks you can make your own. There are several DIY tutorials on this site. Use the search button and query DIY cloner or clone machine.

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