anything left after keif collection?

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  1. Hi good people,
    Im a newbie... so please bare with me.
    I wanted to ask if after collecting keif using the silk screen method...
    will there be anything else to get from the buds and trim using any other technique?? or that will be all?
    also to know... what is the average weight ratio of keif/plant??
    if for example i use 100gm of buds and trim....around how much keif should come out?
    peace ;-)
  2. There is some beneficial compounds that are still present inside the actual plant matter. As for yield, that's gonna be extremely strain specific. And batch specific. Some flowers are just frostier than others.

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  3. so which way you think i could use after collection to get the rest of whatever left there??
    hash oil extraction using alcohol or using ice method?
    i will not go for butane...

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