Anyone Worked At Best Buy With Posession?

Discussion in 'General' started by mistereff, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. I just recently got hired at Best buy. I subbed for the drug test no problem (Quick fix). However I am worried about my background check . As I recall the application only asked for convicted felons. I am not a felon but I have a 2 year old disorderly conduct and a 6 year old weed possession/pariphanalia(Sp) charge. I know most places only go back 7 years so I am worried about the 6 year old charges. 
    I have heard stories from both sides of the fence. I have had people tell me I am screwed. I have had people tell me that if they are only looking for felonies to not worry about it as long as it isn't theft or violence. I have never had ANYTHING on my criminal record but marijuana misdemeanor convictions. 2 from 2007 and a Disorderly from 2010. I gave them persmission to run the background check 5 days ago. I took my drug test 3 days ago, I haven't heard anything from them I am sitting here freaking out because I really want to work there.. Anyone who has worked at best buy or know someone who has would be really great.. thanks.. 

  2. What state?

    I think your okay man

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  3. Ohio.. Weed is basically decriminalized here. Possession is the same degree as a traffic ticket and paraphernalia is a low misdemeanor as well. 
  4. Well my friend works for geek squad idk if its the same as beinf hired for best buy but he's had some charges alittle worse than yours and he got hired no problem and in Arizona where weed is a felony i believe but its not tolerated here like in other states

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  5. Yeah Geek squad has the same restrictions I actually was interviewed for a floor position AND Geek squad cause I had skills for both positions. Thanks for the reassurance. 
  6. Don't most places do the drug test after the background check clears?
  7. Best buy doesn't I had to take the drug test within 48 hours after my interview.. they sent me an email that I had to "Consent" for them to give me a background check. Haven't heard anything back yet about the drug or background check. I KNOW I passed the drug test cause Quick fix has never failed me before.. But I heard background checks can take up to a week to come back. 
  8. is it a management position where you would have keys or access to a lot of cash?  if not then they probably wont care. 
  9. I actually emailed the hiring manager this morning and disclosed to her my misdemeanors I know this might seem stupid but I figured what the hell she is going to see them in the background check ANYWAY... I am so nerve wracked about this that I just want it to be over with.. so this morning I emailed her and told her I had misdemeanors that were 6 years old.. She has not responded yet. 
  10. No it is a part time Pc/Tablet department blue shirt position.. I am going to be a "Blue shirt" if I get hired.. 
  11. Do you have a good employment history and references?
  12. Yeah they are obsessed with me already. They said I "Nailed" all my interviews and they can't wait to get me in there. I have a STRONG pc background and an associates degree AND an A+ certification. They were so impressed they had me interview for TWO different positions..  They almost put me on the damn floor after the interview lol.. I think as of right now that is the only thing going for me is how well I impressed them.. hopefully they take that into consideration when they get my background.. 
    Yea I also live in Ohio I think we will be added to the legal states soon.
  14. If they act like they aren't gonna hire you, take one of the geek squad members and hold him hostage in order to obtain the job and a higher pay of your choice.
  15. This was exactly what you should NOT have done.
    If they want to pay for incriminating information then let them buy it, don't just give it to them.
    Unless you really don't care one way or the other.
  16. They are running a lexis nexus background check. They would've found it anyway.

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  17. That's fine. Let lexis nexus earn their paycheck.  I'm just saying, why give it away if it's not in your favor.
  18. I'm a vendor for Best Buy and I can tell ya if they didn't want ya they wouldn't have even bothered wit a drug test

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