Anyone work at Mcdonalds?

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  1. Does it suck to work there compared to other fast food resturants?
  2. A kid I knew in school used to work there, said it wasn't so bad. That was years ago though :D
  3. Fast food sucks where ever you work, I work at nathans hotdogs, it sucks
  4. It probably does, Mc. Donald's is popular so your location may be really busy all the time. Pick a shitty fast food place that no one likes to go to, but then you may not get enough hours.
  5. used to work at micky d's bruv was bangin minimum wage and free big macs bruv
  6. The fuck does bruv mean?

  7. Some people say "bruva" instead of "brother" or "brotha." Pretty fucking stupid if you ask me.

    I worked at McD's for my first job. Honestly, it's really not that bad.

  8. This. Was my first job too, as a 16 year old it sucked but looking back it wasnt nearly as bad as some of the shit i have done.
  9. I just started there a month and a half ago and I think it's bangin' tbh.

    Crew is friendly, they are patient so when you're first working there they answer all your questions, and it honestly isn't that busy unless it's a weekend. It took me like 2-3 weeks to actually get really USED to the job. Now I'm pretty good at it. At around 8 it starts to slow down no matter what day it is and you do get the big waves no matter what day it is.

    Overall it's pretty sweet and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

    PS try a McChicken with cheese and tomato, its bangin.

    Edit: And the pay is minimum but in NJ at 7.25 an hour I get like 140ish every 2 weeks.

    Now that I think about it that kinda sucks but it got me a new iphone and can pay for my bud so whatever.
  10. no. it is awful compared to other FF places. i've worked at mcdonalds, burger king, and papajohns.

    mcdoanlds paid the absolutely lowest, never gives you raises unless you bitch for a month, getting time off is impossible, they dont give a shit about you.

    for example. got paid $7.25 for a year, after my third year there i was making $7.50. oooh. i very rarely got time off if i asked for it for a family function or whatever. very very very rarely. they SONT give a shit about you. i was working during a snow storm one night in arkansas, where they dont plow or salt the roads. there was 8 inches of snow on the ground, i drove a little sedan at the time and told them i want to leave i dont feel comfortable or safe driving home in these conditions cause they straight up would not close the store early even though we had no business. they said i would lose my job if i left early, it was me the manager and one other girl. well, on my way home i wrecked. they refused to pay for the damages.

    fuck mcdonalds.

    burger king paid me $8.34 starting out. after 90 days i got a surprise raise i didnt even know about, up to $8.72. they worked with my schedule all the time, all the time. one time the roads were flooding out by my town (15 miles away) and i wasnt able to get home cause all the roads closed. BK paid for a hotel for the night for me.

    papa johns was just better they treated you better.

    fuck. mcdonalds. unless its your only choice.

  11. Never had any of these problems with I worked at McD's.

    It's important to remember that most fast food places nowadays are franchised. You might be getting paid $0.50 less than the McD's a mile down the road. That's just how it works.

    So, you experiences with McD's and Burger King both are not indicative of what anyone else might experience. Each place is different.

    Not saying it's a top of the world job...but most people try to make it seem like it's bottom of the barrel. I've worked much worse jobs than McD's
  12. I hated working at McDonald's. They pretty much scheduled me for every other week and kept losing all my paychecks.
  13. It's actually the exact opposite at my store. You can get almost any day off you want to really. It just depends on the mangers. Yours must have been dicks. Everyone goes on trips to AC and shit together too, I have yet to experience this because I've worked there for such a short amount of time but I will eventually. AND my managers all smoke bud. Not some ALL. That's badass too lol.

    The only complaint I DO have is I feel as though the managers don't like you, like they look down upon you. But once again that could just be at my store and that's only like 2-3 of them.

    I have 2 managers that actually won't acknowledge my existence unless I'm talking to them about work.

    but hes a 23 year old fat fuck who swears hes the shit and can't stop talking about going to the gym even though I've yet to see him loose ANY pounds and hits on all his hot employes even if they are 16 and shes a 40 year old who is still a manager at McDonalds so fuck do I curr? Sorry. Had to let that out. They just piss me off
  14. Worked there. It sucked, got like, 7 hours a week.
  15. Never worked there but I do work at BK. I can say that they are more unorganized and lazy over there. At least the one here. They always mess up orders, takes forever to order, forever to get food, orders messed up a lot, nasty old fries. And retarded 2 drive-thrus when only one person works drive-thru. They're food is alright but honestly Mcd's sucks. Unless you have poor work ethic, then go to Mcdonald's, you get paid to half-ass make food and play on your phone all night.
  16. McDonald's is #1 company if you ask me. (full time of coarse) they give you benefits work with your schedule completely and stoner friendly as long as you a functioning person. Went from crew to trainer to team leader to manager. This was in Vaughn Ontario so idk about the states. But they are a good company overall. It's fast food still so don't expect a 10/10 job.
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    Sorry but being stoner friendly isnt a trait you should look for when thinking about a career..... just saying. But yeah why limit yourself to a low paying job when you could be getting paid for your true potential?

    was going with chick for a lil bit that worked at mcd's she was just dumb as fuck and had no ambition. She had a tight body though.
  18. It was my first job, got it at 14 and left when I was 16. I hated it, but it funded my drug and video game habits so whatever :smoke:
  19. yeah i mean i understand that every mcdonalds is different, i guess. i worked at 2 mcdonalds' in arkansas and 2 in new jersey adn they were all the same, so idk. i was a great worker at that shithole, i knew the ins and outs. unorganized, lazy bullshit.

    glad i'm outta there, lol

    but the one thing i did like about mcdonald's was i got 40 hours a week consistently at all stores i worked. either 6-2 and 7-3 or 4-closing depending on the store. at BK i got between 20 and 30, sometimes as little as 15 but other times as much as 47. so idk.
  20. I've been working there since 2001. Yep. It's good and it's bad at the same time. You just gotta not let people get to you. Working with the general public is terrible most of the time. People are stupid, angry, rude, and we wonder why America elects these stupid politicians is because the people are stupid.

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