anyone witness a chick-fight while blazed?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by iryad, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. last night i was blazed out of my mind, having an awesome time, we had about 20 people in my friends backyard, only a couple of us were baked, the rest were just smoking hookah. then all of a sudden these 2 girls start fighting. and i'm in between them both, literally. i was just talking to one girl, and all of a sudden the other girl lunges at the girl i was talking to and started fighting madly. it took me a few minutes literally to figure out what had just happened, and at this point they were both separated and trying to get at it again, but luckily they were being held back.

    so they went to this park near by, to finish the fight, and i was so fucking scared at this point. it was around 11, so curfews up, and a group of kids and 2 chicks fighting, i knew cops would come. my friend and i tried everything to stop the fight, and at this point, i am freaking-OUT. I'm super blazed, and I have no idea wtf is going on.

    they ended up fighting, which was pretty hard for me to watch since both of them are my good friends, and i'm already blazed, so i'm in a peaceful mind-of-state.

    it turned out to be a 'She-was-staring-at-me' thing, what a fucking lame reason for a fight. grow the fuck up kids, seriously...

    luckily no cops came, but it did ruin my high, so I had to roll another joint :)

    crazy night.
  2. I dont understand why alot of guys find chick fights attractive, they arent even good fights to watch.

    Sucks that they ruined your high.
  3. Underage, curfew in the U.S only applies to kids under 18.

    But anyways, I love fights, especially when I'm blaze, except for women fighting, hate that shit, I'm always the one to pull them apart, I don't like women getting hit by men or women.
  4. So lemme get this straight? They duked it out becuase one was staring at the other? Real mature on their part.

    I'm glad that you had some sense to try and stop it, too often people are just looking to firght just to start some drama.
  5. I'm probally gonna come off sexist, So I apologize:

    I fucking HATE girl fights. They start for the most ridiculous reasons ever. Most of them can't fight for shit. You try to break one up, and some guy will start a fight with YOU for " Touching his girl". Regardless of sex, it's a very DUMB idea to start fights AFTER curfew ( Maybe the OP is 18, but some of the others weren't), cause cops are just looking to bust kids smoking, and doing shit like that.

    I would have grabbed your toking buddies, and locked everyone else out. I've done it before, and it's quite funny.

    Myself and my Boy John think a bit differently. If a girl punches you in the face, knock her on her ass. Not your hardest hit, but just enough to say you aren't afraid to swing back. I must the US's legal system is fixed for women. My parents divorce is a prime example...

    My dad had to pay 3/4 of his paycheck to child support, my mom wanted more.

    My dad called my mom's priest to give him new mailing information to give to her... She turned around and said to the judge " He threatened to kill me". My dad spent 2 nights in jail.

    Sorry, Kind of off topic... But fighting in General is pointless ( coming from a boxer). Unless you have a legit reason to fight, such as...

    The other person came at you first.

    Or any other self defense reason...

    Or for sport, like boxing/UFC.
  6. Yeah unless the girls have some type of training, they aint really shit to watch. Though there was this one chick that beat the hell outta my girlfriend, pulled her around on the ground by her hair n shit. That was a good fight.

    But on the real, if you aint a guy, you probably got no business trying to fight.
  7. I dont like girl fights. They are actually unattractive to me. I don't see what turns guys on about it. It's so ugly.

    Funniest part is, this is coming from a huge boxing fan!
  8. man everybodys like chicks fight sucky blah blah blah. But some of the most brutal fights i've seen were chick fights. when i was in highschool last year these 2 girls fought and one girl slammed another girls head into the concrete...5 times. The ambulance came it was pretty insane.
  9. i can't stand fights period, especially chick fights. it really ruins my time if i see people getting hurt. i'm always the first one to break up a fight at the parties i go to, since most of the kids around here get completely shit faced and have no idea what theyre doing.
  10. I guess Im just an animal then. Two guys beating the shit outta each other is prime watching.
  11. I've never seen a chick fight while I was high, but it was damn close at a party one time. The guy throwing the party(we'll call him Eric) HATED this girl Jackie. When Jackie shows up at the party, Eric's girlfriend(Donna) tells Jackie that she wasn't invited, and that she needs to leave. Things get heated from there, and it ended with Donna telling Jackie "Get the FUCK out of here you FUCKING CUNT nobody wants you here!" Jackie and her friend both just put their heads down and walked away.

    I was of the funniest things I have ever seen. The whole party clapped for Donna.
  12. I think all fights are stupid in general.

  13. men are basically built for fighting.
    women arent.

    I can understand watching women who train fight each other in a match, but otherwise....

    I guess i missed that episode of That 70's Show
  14. Girl fights are lame as hell.......most girls can't even fight, they slap and claw and call it fighting..... I find watching guys fight A LOT more entertaining, usually cause they actually fight......unless they suck ass, but then they get whooped and i get my entertainment :D
  15. haha im exactly the same way

    fuck breakin it up, if they wanna fight let em go at it, even if it is my friends, or girls, i could care less, its entertainment! haha
  16. i love fights. i dont care if its guy on guy or girl on girl. or a lil mix of both. fights are so entertaining to me. to watch that is. im not the type that looks for fights, but i must say, at times i do enjoy fighting. just the adrenalin while fighting puts me in this zone to where i dont stop fighting til the other guy is finished.
  17. being a chick and learning martial arts, you will be very surprised how strong and how capable we really are.

    One of the instructors is shorter than I am (5'2) but she can def hold her own, dont let size or sex fool ya.

    but still I gotta say I wouldnt strike unless struck first, to me its just not right.
  18. Girls can fight, dont know wth you ppl are yappin about. I've seen one chick give another chick a couple curb stomps.. it was pretty scary.

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