Anyone with TRX / XRP?

Discussion in 'Blockchain and Crypto Currencies' started by iFund420, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. Today was a pretty crappy day for both.

  2. I'm not a fan of XRP, but there are many arguments that can be made for it. On the other hand, I'm not sure where people are getting the value for Tron. Tron is 2-5 years of development away from being usable. Just looking at Tron from a speculator's point of view, it seems unlikely it can sustain being a top 10 coin in the near future. The team's roadmap even outlines that their projects will take years to accomplish. IMO scaling/consensus solutions coming to Ethereum and Bitcoin will outpace many other large projects. Perhaps Tron can succeed one day, but it's going to be a long dark lonely road.

    I'm not sure how XRP will fair. From a technical standpoint if you are looking to invest into a Federated Byzantine agreement network, Stellar has a much better consensus protocol. It is also likely not to fail as many small businesses/organizations will rely on Stellar regardless of what occurs while xrp's success is essentially dependent on banks accepting defeat and giving into crypto.

    If you are looking for an undervalued coin, checkout Zcash. Easily the best privacy coin in terms of cryptography. Very risky in terms of these new algorithms not being rigorously tested yet, but their Sapling project is incredibly interesting and would decrease speed/memory usage 98% from where it currently is.
  3. Speaking of Zcash I bought a bunch of Zclassic for the Bitcoin Private fork. (You get more Bitcoin private for holding ZCL than BTC).

    I bought TRX @ .03 sold 10k of them at .20 then bought back in at's not a huge percentage of my holdings but i will trade it short term and hold some longer term just to see what happens.

    Also a huge fan of EOS...bought more during the dip.
  4. I don't buy Ripple, but I am up to a million Tron. Love me some Tron
  5. Do you guys use an app to trade? If so which app

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  6. All cryptos are in the red. XRP had potential to work on speculation and positive news.

    Going to be pretty hard right now.
  7. Yes been in XRP since last year, its growth was insane and every year at this time there are pullback and correction. It is not a crash or bubble, nothing to worry about. Things are just getting started. XRP is a long term investment
  8. Lots of positive news, but not much in the price department. Crypto market is consolidating and waiting for the next big breakthrough (beyond cryptokitties).
  9. I'm HODLing my TRX. I have high faith in Justin Sun and his team. I check the news everyday about TRX and between the market cap, testnet release at the end of this month, i'm 90% confident in this coin and i'm expecting large gains by the end of the year to be honest. I'll be 100% confident after i see the price go up, even a little bit with the release of the Test Net on March 31st.
  10. I am hodling my TRX, but that doesn't mean I didn't sell at the top...... You gotta buy the dips, and take profits when you can. If you held on, you lost 40% of your overall worth with TRX. Gotta play the game.
  11. Looks like we are going back up. Glad I bought back in.
  12. Ugh coinbase pro delayed my funds release. I missed out on XRP at $0.25 (again)...

    Long on Bitcoin, XRP, Stellar, steem (my "cryptual" Fund).

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