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  1. I've only made QWISO hash one time, we made it with a quarter of mids just to try it out. I'm about to get a huge deal on some sour diesel from a grower friend of mine and I'm thinking of making some QWISO with the sour dies.

    Here's my question, if I use and ounce of high quality shit like sd, how much QWISO do you think i'll yield? I used AugustWest tech last time I made it (91% alc, 10 seconds agitation, 20 seconds intense shake, dump).

    Even a rough estimate from anyone with a fair amount of experience would be great.

    Thanks kids.
  2. come on dudes, 12 views and no responses?

    it's monday, i'm out of buds until saturday or possibly later :cry:, give me something nice to think about
  3. I probably don't have the extensive experience you're looking for, but from my little experience, I would expect around 10g, give or take, hash from an ~oz or HIGH grade Sour Deisel.

    Whether or not I'm completely wrong on the weight, you WILL get a very respectable amount of hash. Some goooood, hash too. Just the words "sour deisel" makes my mouth water :p
  4. thanks for your help dragon fire. i'm with you, the second my friend used the words "ounce" and "sour diesel" in the same sentence, i started to drool.

    10 grams would be amazing, thanks again for the post, any other estimates, advice, or comments would be hugely appreciated. like i said i'm pretty new at making qwiso and i'm just trying to get an idea.
  5. You're welcome...I hope it all works out well for you.

    Honestly, it's really hard to say how much you'll get in hash...It all depends on the qaulity of the bud, how it's been handled, the quality of the wash...etc etc. You can expect some great bowls when you're done, though...can guarantee that :)

    How did that first wash turn out? You said it was a half of mids...did you get a good yield on the hash? Expect more/better this time.

    Follow the guide exactly and you'll come out with some fine product. Make sure you do it in a Very well ventilated area and DO NOT smoke around the ISO. That's just bad news. You'll need a rather large drying plate, too, with that amount of bud. A 13x9 casserole dish, like what is used in the tutorial, should be sufficient.
  6. I'm already anticipating those bowls, i think i had a dream about them last night. it blows because i'm on a t-break now waiting for my guy to get this sour d and i'm losing my mind, but it'll all be worth it.

    The first wash went really well, i think we yielded like 3 grams of decent hash. since it was made from mids it was just that mids kind of high concentrated. thats the main reason i'm really excited for the sour dies hash, it's going to be so fucking potent and gorgeous, can't wait.

    Yeah I'm really careful about the ventilation, my apartment has massive windows so I'm all good there.
  7. i just did it with about a OZ of hindu Kushx grandaddy purple buds....... waiting for it to dry now......

    make sure you have great ventilatipon... i thought i had great ventilation.... i felt a lil bit dizzy... 91% is no joke.... i had to leave
  8. let us know how it went jordan, pics would be great. i feel you on the dizzyness, the first time i used 91% iso i got a headache, we were cleaning our grinders and making hash from that and it was in my dorm room, small cramped spaces and iso don't mix well. no ignition though

  9. no good.... yeah its drying.... it more like hash oil right now.... i smoke a tiny bit and smelled the alcohol when i lit it.... so i cashed it out didnt even inhale the smoke..... im going to wait for about a week of drying then try it out again..... just to be safe.....

    ..... im very interested in trying a bubble bag tho... but i dont wanna spend 200+ on it....

    ...making hash with alcohol just doesnt seem right to me...
  10. i've found that putting you're evap plate/dish/whatever into a thing of boiling water works really well. i used a 8"x8" pyrex dish to evap the first time i did it and i filled a 13"x9" pan with boiling water and put the smaller dish into that. with a fan on it my evap time was like 6 hours.

    we played around with it, broke it apart, smoked it, no alcohol smell or flavor at all. it was pretty dark in color, it had the typical harshness that you get with concentrates, but nothing out of the ordinary.

    how long all together did you leave the iso with your plant material? like from first pour to draining.

  11. i think your off a lil bit.... by this logic youre saying in 28 grams of high quality marijuana just under half is resin and thc?...... i did 26 grams and only got 5 grams of hash..... but it was my first time so i dont knwo.....
  12. I would go w/ what AugustWest did. Pour in let it sit for 10 sec and then 20 sec of vigorous shaking. Then pour through filters. You can re-use from the first wash and do a 2nd wash. Wont be so concentrated but you would have more. Just my .02 cents.

    Peace Bunga

  13. it would make sense that the THC % of your bud is how much hash you'd get, probably a little more to account for the cellulose and other shit you pull out with the alc. so if you're bud is 10% THC, i could be completely wrong but i think thats about the level of some no name dank, lower level type of stuff. if i'm wrong about that please let me know.

    anyway, if you're buds are 10% THC and you use an oz you should get around 3 grams of hash. HererJordan said he used 26g of hindu kush x granddaddy purp (good choice, two of the my favorite buds of all time). you got 5 grams of hash that you said was kind of oily, but you're waiting for it to dry more, we'll just say you have 5 grams for this one. that means you're buds are in the 17%-20% THC range, which is correct for headies like the hindu and gdp.

    Jordan you've got a point, maybe 10g is a lofty estimate. lets say the sour diesel that i cannot wait to pick up is, for this example, 19% THC. if i use a full oz, i would ideally get like 6 grams of some super high quality hash.

    i think i may have just answered my own question. i feel kind of dumb for not thinking of this before.

    please continue to post, i'd still love to hear about peoples experiences making QWISO, how much they used and of what quality, how much they yielded. pics are wonderful too.
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    i see what youre saying.... very knowledgeable thanks for clarifying trying to get some pics up but they are from my iphone my friend has my digi....

    also for my first batch i know i didnt shake it long enough... i told myself only 20 second shake... that couldve been the reason why i only got 5 grams.... still 5 grams of hash is ALOT
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    update.... i did another wash last night with the bud i had done the night before.... and wow what a difference in quality..... its straight dark dark brown... almost black/..... thats low quaLITY isnt it?....

    .. my first wash looks sooo delicious i cant wait to smoke some....

    ...also i am going to be harvesting another grandaddy purple plant tomorrow.... my other kush plant has some more time.... im not going to rush her.. shes finishing on mollasses then after this week straight water....

    .... i think i am going to make a huge batch the second time... using bud only.... small bud... maybe kick it up a ounce or so..... if you have bud laying around i advise you to do this... its an amazing process+you got some hash that'll knock your socks off....

  16. Aye, I was way off...sorry for that. I didn't think about it for long enough and I haven't actually had experience with such copious amounts of bud. 10g would be great though...probably need at least 2oz for that. I just figured with such high quality herb you'd be able to get even more hash, ya know. Maybe with two or three washes of the same shit you could get close to 10g, but then it's all mixed quality. Sorry again.:eek:

  17. yeah the stuff i made last night dried quick... it wayyyyyy lower quality.... it looks like a bowl of resin.... im going to dry it for a while then... ill let you knwo whats up with the qualitie of highs from the two batches....
  18. excellent excellend. i'm getting so excited to do this with my buds, i just talked to my amigo a little while ago and he said he has an ounce of sour diesel and and ounce of gdp. i had no idea he was getting gdp and i cannot waaaaaaiiit. the gdp is on of my favorites, i'll definitely make some hash from each and post the results.

  19. sour diesel hash is going to be heavenly....... i cant wait to harvest!
  20. I'm jealous man, I wish I could grow right now. hopefully next year I'll start like 3 or 4 plants of some high quality shit, a nice strong sativa would be good.

    i just can't wait for this sour dies and gdp i'm about to get, such an amazing deal i'm about to cream myself. my buddy started his first grow earlier this year and gave the plants to his friends to finish up in august, apparently all they did was take care of them during the last week of flowering, and then they harvested and dried them.

    he said they're almost done curing now, he said he'd bring me back two jars with my buds in them and i should wait a few days, open them, and go to town. the absolute best part is that i'm getting these gorgeous, glorious ounces for 110 a piece.

    god i love growers and their generosity. :D:D:D:smoking:

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