Anyone With Some Dark Electronic

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  2. Are you asking a question? Or is there a video posted in this thread I can't see?
    If you're looking for dark electronic music, I suggest anything by Cult Shit. Also try looking up witch house music.
  3. If you're into DnB check out pretty much anything on Renegade Hardware, Moving Shadow, Tech Itch, Defcom.

    I know there's some darker house shit on Komytea's label.
  4. try thelem, waiting hour is a pretty dope tune.
  5. stuff from benton
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    I like darkpsy a shit ton.
    Dark Nebula 
    Frozen Ghost
    Stretched samples and dark beats 
  8. Check out the Happy Trendy bandcamp page for some free electronic it's so dark you gonna need a flood light to see with headphones on

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