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Anyone with no sense of smell?

Discussion in 'General' started by ehgonzo, May 6, 2010.

  1. hit my head on the road about 2 months ago and fractured my skull
    since then i have not smelled anything. I'm pretty easygoing so this has not really bothered me, even knowing it prob wont come back. but when i smoked my first bowl after the accident i realized weed tasted totally different now. when i pick up i can only rely on sight to judge the chron. this is gonna really fuck up my relationship with maryjane! but fortunately she still gets me high:hello:
    Anyone else have no sense of smell?
    were you born without it or lose it?
  2. haha man that makes me a bit sad...i know a total of zero ppl, on the internet or in real life, to share my sorry ass problem with lol
  3. I remember a thread on here about a month ago about a guy born with no smell. I went into a lengthy neurobiological explanation as to why he has no smell. I'll see if I can dig it up
  4. I knew a guy once who had no sense of taste. I think he could smell though.
  5. yeah i work with a guy that was able to smell and taste when he was born but when he was 10 or so he drank the merc out of a thermometer and now he can taste but not smell........i always wondered most everything(food wise) would have the same smell as their taste how could this be possible? or am i mistaken on the matter
  6. yeah i have a friend who smokes alot and he hit his head on a bathtub and now he cant smell. brain cells dont exactly heal so it probably will not comeback, sorry.
  7. that's weird how you bring that up cuz my friends dad is an electrician, and i guess he fell off a ladder once and hit his head. and ever since he had no sense of smell. so yeah whenever i chilled at his house stoned that was one less thing i had to worry about.

    btw what smell do you miss the most? not trying to be an ass, but just curious.
  8. havent thought about missing any smells yet, but i love the smell of ganj (obv) and some women smell amazing.
    one time i went down on a girl and got a whiff and thought to myself "holy shit...there is no way my mouth or dick is touching the source of that smell." i told her i forgot that i had to work and i left. if that happened today i would have been deep in that and probably got a disease, so theres many advantages to smell, that is just one
  9. wow like two weeks ago i got sick nasal congestion and sore throat.

    i lost my senese of smell and with that my taste.

    i couldnt taste anything.

    i was about 50+% more unhappy.

    smell i would miss, but if it takes my taste... then wow fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk
  10. That's a crazy coincidence, man. I was born with a sense of taste and smell then when I was 10 I drank the mercury out of a thermometer. But all I got was cancer...

  11. That really sounds like it sucks.
  12. my mom lost her sense of smell when she was prego with me. i took it as a sign from god that i was supposed to smoke weed.
  13. One of my good friends was coming down with a cold a couple of months ago and swabbed his nose with that zicam shit.

    poor kid hasn't smelt anything since

  14. :eek:

    I use that stuff all the time when I'm sick! It really does work!

    I'm glad it has had no such effect on my nose...but I'm definitely gonna stop using it now. Vitamin C is all I need
  15. I knew a guy who hasn't been able to smell/taste since birth. He said that his favourite food are croissants, because of the texture.

    I always think about him now when I eat croissants. The texture is incredible.
    <3 stay strong bb, you never know, it may come back. Also, try seeing a doctor. If you hit your head, you most likely hurt a part of the brain responsible for smell .. could possibly be fixed or something.
  16. yeah apparently there was a large recall on the stuff

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