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Anyone with experience working at Bank of America in Washington state

Discussion in 'General' started by VirgenLungs, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. So I live in Snohomish county Washington state and yesterday I went through and applied for a bunch of jobs. I applied for a part time teller position at Bank of America. So I have two questions.. first, after submitting an application does everyone receive the online assessment? It was sent to me two hours ago (after I applied just yesterday) so does this mean I have a good shot at getting this job or is that just a baseline assessment they send to everyone who applies?
    And the second, and more important, question is do they drug test? I have been looking it up quite a bit and have found mixed results. A lot of people say they do, a lot of people say they don't. These people were people who worked there and were saying their experience. The only person (where location was identifiable) from Washington state stated that he does not have to take a drug test. On the application it states that (in a terms of service type thing with about 20 different things talked about that you have to accept) that they may drug test you if required by law or by policy or something like that, so it appears to be pretty clear that each area has a different policy for drug testing within BOA. And with weed now being legal here perhaps they don't worry about it? So I just want to know if anyone can state their experiences with this, or if they know a definitive answer about Washington state BOA drug testing. Or more specifically Snohomish county region if it is different and you know.
    I really need this job! This is only the third day since I smoked last so I would still fail a urine test at this point. It recommends filling out the assessment as quickly as possible because I am at risk for the position filling up so I would prefer to fill it out right away.. but I don't want to fill it out and get a call tomorrow asking to come in the next day lol. And I also don't want to pass up smoking this weekend if I don't need too.. Thanks!
  2. A bank will absolutely drug test.
  3. Doesn't really help.. did you not read what I wrote? Lol. ALOT of people were saying that bank of America did not drug test them.
  4. No I didn't lol. Just the first part of the first sentence and the first sentence of the second paragraph.
  5. I just figure if Wal-mart drug tests, why wouldn't a bank..but I could be wrong.

    Might depend on your position.
  6. oh ok makes sense. But yeah I figured they would as well before I looked into it. I almost want to call randomly and just ask one of the employees lol.
  7. Yeah just call a random BoA and ask there drug testing policy for new employees for whatever position you are going for.
  8. I had a buddy in the same situation and I know here in CO Wells Fargo does not drug test for entry level positions, while Chase does. I know it's not directly helpful, but it shows not all banks drug test.
  9. Haha odds are slim to none but I will throw it out there anyway. Would anyone mind calling a bank of America in the Marysville Everett area and asking the drug testing policy, I will love you forever. Phone is out of minutes lol. If not I will just call tomorrow.
  10. they do not, just like most banks
  11. my brother used to work at a bank and they did not drug test. granted this was not in washington state and it wasn't bank of america. sometimes there's jobs that are too professional and just trust you aren't using drugs.

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