Anyone with "exotic" pets?

Discussion in 'Pets' started by gashadokuro, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. When I was a growing up we had a North American House Hippo as a family pet

    But I guess that isn't very exotic...
  2. I cant .. Idk i cant that just scares the crap out of me, knowing im in a place where there's a spider. Nope, *hands up emoji* ill just wait by the door.
  3. Here is one of our ball pythons.

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  4. whether it's harmless? better choose another
  5. I picked up an African tiger fish this weekend. I'd say it's exotic, very few people know what it is and even fewer keep them as pets, or can keep them, they require massive tanks as they grow.
  6. I saw one on river monsters once. They got some teeth now, very cool.
  7. [​IMG]

    Not pretty fish..
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  8. We have two scorpions and we plan on getting a tarantula sometime.
  9. I have a Peruvian rainbow boa, a Brazilian Rainbow Boa, cinnamon ball python, snow corn snake, Anery corn snake, a bearded dragon and a Staffordshire Bull terrier. Can I include my kids and husband as exotic pets haha

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  10. We used to have both Peruvian and Brazilian rainbow boas, they are beautiful. I am wanting an eastern indigo snake.
  11. Look at this viscous jungle cat I adopted:


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  12. As a kid, Im going to guess between 10 and 14 probably, I had a scorpion and then 2 green anoles (Carolina anole - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).
    My mum drew the line at snakes and spiders.
    When my little sisters were born she was even more against the idea and it was all rabbits after that.
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  13. OMG spider as a pet it's yaks
  14. My bearded dragon RASKO. Not very exotic but fairly uncommon, tarantulas creep me out.

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