Anyone with "exotic" pets?

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  1. Surely you have laws about keeping owls.
    I know ìn the uk you wouldn't get away with that.would be taken seriously

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    I don't know about where he lives, but it sure as fuck is in North Carolina.  Any raptor is illegal to have in fact, you can even be heavily fined for just being caught with one their feathers.
  3. wow that is such bs

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    Look at those soulless eyes. It wants to kill.
  5. Large birds appreciate the space they have!

    My year old b&g macaw is kept in his cage when he is unsupervised and during the night - he doesn't seem to mind although will vocally let you know when he wants out!

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    He loves his bottles!!

  6. My blind baby Izze. :love:

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  7. COOL! Pretty bird lol. I have an Amazon,
    But I'd like to get an African Grey.


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    High Girl! I will donate my eye's for your cute little baby...

    :edit: sorry..:(

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  9. I have two different types of scorpions ;)
    Thats cool man!
    Lol i want a Gila Monster for a pet.
  11. I used to have over 40+ reptiles then it was 5+ birds and then 13+ plus guinea pigs Jesus Christ I've been through the animal kingdom ... And I'm only 18.

    Reptiles I've had:
    Uncountable amount of leopard geckos (breed and sold them)
    1 Pyxie frog
    1 pacman frog
    3 salamanders
    Bullfrogs and toads up the ass
    18 bearded dragons
    1 argentine black and white tegu
    1 savannah monitor
    1 Nigerian uromastyx
    1 steppe runner
    2 red tail boas (1 Anery and 1 salmon)
    2 albino checkered garter snakes
    4 corn snakes
    1 whites tree frog
    1 grey tree frog
    1 Chinese water dragon
    I can't even remember all them my memory is fucked but I'm sure I'm missing a ton. There in no particular order, I had most of these all at the same time. Reptiles used to be my passion but then I turned 15-16 and kinda got more involved with friends. Sad. I've always loved keeping them. Other animals I've had:
    2 pineapple green cheek conures
    2 parakeets
    1 lutino cockatiel
    13+ Guinea pigs (they started fucking inbreeding ...)
    A dog lol
    25172774 mice (they never stopped breeding o.o)

    And yea that's all I remember lol

  12. I've had:
    Bearded Dragons
    Flilled Dragons
    Chinese Water Dragons
    A fuckton of Anoles
    An Emperor Scorpion named 'Fluffy'
    A few Hermit crabs
    Fiddler carbs
    Red Thai Crabs
    I'd like to get into Bee Keeping, or maybe a large colony of leaf-cutter ants. I'll probably be setting up an aquarium to breed Ghost Shrimp once I get some funds up for it. And to the far edge of the 'I want' list, I'd really like to get an F1 or F2 Savannah cat. I ran into a breeder that had one with her at a cat show a few years ago and have wanted one since.
  13. 2 rabbits, african pygmy hedgehog, painted turtle, & a bearded dragon
  14. I used to work at a zoo as an education intern and the animals I worked with were basically like my pets for 3 months seeing as I had to take care of em all.

    My favorites were the Uromastyxs, the savannah moniter(lazy fucker lol), the chinese water dragon, and of coursed the bearded dragon. The chuckwalla and leapoard gecko were cool too.

  15. Currently I have 3 cresteds 1 ball Python 1 bearded dragon 1 pink toe tarantula and 1 pup. Shepherd chow mix :). Working on a tegu by next year :D
  16. Wow, we have a lot of exotic pets here! I have 2 rabbits, not so exotic, but they are the cutest. They are like cats, but much better.
  17. I have a tarantula. Maybe it's not exotic at present. But I love that dude... My girlfriend hate him. //
  18. that's still long enough to strangle you
  19. Not sure how exotic,but they are shrimps from that's pretty exotic for me lol

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