Anyone with a myspace want to help me with this asshole?

Discussion in 'General' started by ledfut, May 25, 2006.

  1. here's a quote that he put in my thread. the same topic can be found here

    First, I'm Pro legalization, because dumb shits like you are taking up too much jail space, and if all you guys actually joined forces and took part in the political process, you'd have your legalization and i'd keep my mouth shut about the topic, but since you don't...than all i see is a stupid ass criminal, no better than a pedophile or a murderer....yeah i smoked the shit when i was in school but then i grew up.....and if your entire sub-cuture came together, you'd actually win...but the fact is that most of you just stoned and forget....

    it all started because earlier in the day i had mentioned something about smoking weed. so he deems it necessary to ride my ass about it in a thread that has nothing to do with it. i am at a loss of words for this fucking retard. so i throw myself at the mercy of the city for anyone that can help.

    Edit: I removed the link to the myspace thread because i said what i had to say. I'm done with the retard.
  2. ok it took me a couple of minutes, but here was my reply to him.

    so that means that you feel it's ok for a grown man to rape children, and you are pro child molestation and pro taking an innocent person's life? wow you are a sick fuck.

    the reason i posted this was because it's a change from all the "help me i'm a nice guy" threads that clog up the forum. unfortunately you can't see that and you deem it necessary to ride my ass.

    then again, i'm sure you're a professional already when it comes to riding other dude's asses.
  3. ouch... someone forgot their meds.
  4. Your argument is weak. Where does he say that he is pro-rapist, pro-murderer, or pro-pedofile? He says we are no better than them. I am not on his side, but your argument just doesn't make sense. Don't twist his words into something they are not.
  5. straightforward and correct.
  6. ^^true.

    you are creating propaganda against him.
  7. i clicked the link after reading the story, and I have no clue what the hell you are talking about.....

    what are you talking about rapists and murderers when the link is some story about a chick.
  8. no, but he is equating drug users with other criminals. which is wrong. i do drugs, I DONT FUCKING HARM PEOPLE. there's the difference that should not be overlooked. you can not put drug users along with other criminals, because those criminals that were mentioned harmed others. responsible drugs users are only excersizing freedom of choice. we dont harm others.

  9. he removed the link to myspace, where he was fighting with this dude.
  10. The fact he equates pot smokers with murderers and rapists is just ignorance. I'm pretty sure that's why our judicial system has different penalties for each of those crimes..
  11. I CAN'T FUCKING STAND PEOPLE LIKE THAT!!!!!!! IM FUCKING SICK OF IT. o yeah we're no better than child molestors and murderers...right. some of the best people i've ever met smoke weed. People who smoke weed don't cause any harm to people who don't. its just fucking stupid that weed is illegal. alcohol gets you drunk and kill people in car accidents. if weed is illegal then so should alcohol. or weed should be legal but illegal to drive under the influence.
  12. yeah i know my argument was weak. reason being, it's myspace. nobody there appreciates smart commentary. it's expected that i try to flame him. also i was damn tired. that's why my retort was weak. also, i removed the link to the myspace thread because i realized it was a pointless battle. i just found it lame as fuck that i would tell a story about how i'm finally going to get a real shot at a girl that i've been attracted to for the better part of a decade and he decided to flame me out of nowhere for being a stoner.

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