Anyone willing to walk me through this?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Pebbles314, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. So I've decided I want to start growing, but I've come to realize I know nothing about it. I have an interesting and difficult situation I'm hoping someone can help me out with it. I live with my parents still, I go to college and am currently unemployed. So i have no source of income meaning, of course, I'm broke. So I'm trying to do this without spending money. I realize that probably wont happen so I'm trying to stay as low budget as possible, due to the fact that i have a grand total of about 50 cents right now. I live with my parents so i have to grow outdoors somewhere (i have a spot in mind so thats not a problem right now), and i live in Oregon, so we dont get that much sunshine until about may. I have a couple of seeds that are not currently in my possesion until i get them from a friend. My question is, what next? I have two seeds, a spot to grow, and thats where my solid info stops. Can anyone tell me what to do next?

    The things I'm basically looking for are things like, what do i have to keep in mind when i pick out a spot to plant them? What are things I'll have to check for in the soil and what not? Is there anything i need to do before I plant the seeds? How often should i water/check on them and is there anything i should mix in with their water that would benefit them? What do i have to keep in mind when growing in colder weather? When is a good time to plant them (mid-spring? April? whenever it stops getting frosty at night?)

    Basically, just tell me what to do next.
  2. god o mighty. read the forums
  3. rule 1.) You gotta spend money to make money....

    rule 2.) Read, read and read some more.

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