Anyone who used to insuffulate , i have a ? for you

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  1. How bad did your sense of smell get?

    and how much of it came back after you stopped? how long did it take?

    im pretty sure my sense of smell wont get any better but just wondering
  2. damn 33 views, i wish someone would answer.
  3. What do you mean by "how bad does your sense of smell get"? Do you mean like during the period of hours which immediately follow snorting moderate to high quantities of insufflatable drugs... or do you mean long-term damage to sense of smell due to insufflating drugs over long periods of time?

    In the short term, your nose should be fully back to its normal functioning within a day to a couple of days, depending on what you snort and how much of it. Long-term loss of smell I don't know about, but if you're at that point then you already fucked up.
  4. long term , just wondering lhow much your smell would come back

    my breathing has gotten alot better though which i am grateful for.

    i should of posted this question at a hardcore drugs site but then again who would quit nose druggin over there lol
  5. I snort.. a lot, I like the feel for some reason. If it's a drug I could rail then I'll rail it. I've never had any problems with sense of smell or breathing or anything like that after snorting.
  6. Everybody is different, i have a friend that used to do coke maybe for around a year and he had to get his nose cauterized, and he really can't snort anything anymore otherwise his nose gets all fucked up.
  7. In moderation it's not going to do any serious long-term damage. I've snorted my fair share of whatnot and my nose is fine. But my buddy who was on OCs hard for a few months recently said he can feel damage to his nose when he's outside in the cold. So, anecdotal, but take it for what you will.
  8. i used to do coke frequently on the weekends for about a year or two, my smelling has not got worse
  9. I only snort from my right nostril now, my left should remain unharmed. I also don't see any cause for needing my sense of smell. It takes your nose about 2 and a half minutes to get accustomed to a new smell (if you enter a house and it smells of weed you will not be able to smell it after about 2 and a half minutes assuming there hasn't been an increase of smoke when you go futher). I can't stand around sniffing stuff for pleasure because of this. It uses up those nose sensors and you cant detect them any more. There are so many more unpleasant odours that I would love not to smell (vomit, other people's farts and rotting stuff) and am willing to sacrifice my right nostril for snorting drugs.

    Your body also has an extrordinary ability to heal it's self and I believe if you snort drugs it is possible to rebuild the sensors later in life.

  10. some good reasons for needing a sense of smell would be smelling a propane leak , smoke and other things hazardous to your health lol

    i found a bag of weed in a closet from using smell once that was awesome and of course it was some diggety dank lol
  11. In moderation you will be fine, over do it and I'm sure you will have some problems. My right nostril is alittle messed up from snorting oxy, but it's getting better. I mean i can smell fine, but inside my nose there is a small scab. Just make sure you take it easy and you're good to go.
  12. honestly i dont think snorting anything affects the sense of smell...maybe to an extent but i dont know...and i have snorted a lot of you know what i'm talking about...lots of black& white; boy& nose is fine
  13. same here. I love snorting shit for some reason, but I've never noticed any changes in my sense of smell or any of that stuff, ever.
  14. I snorted xanax or oxy/roxys and occasionally coke basically daily for about 5 years. Never had any loss of smell after my nose unclogged, I have no long term effects that I've noticed(been over a year since I've blown anything).

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