Anyone Who has ordered a pack of mystery seed packs

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Headie, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. I was considering buysing one of those like mystery 10packs of seeds where they dont tell you what they are going to send u

    My question is do they tell you which seed is which etc. when its here like are they labeled or is it like a total surprise and you never know
  2. they could just give you bag seed and call it myster seed haha :p
  3. Come on I KNOW some1 has ordered a myustery pack from like nirvana or something
  4. Don't know what u mean by mystery pack. But I think seedboutique gives you a free bag of seeds when u buy from there.

  5. they are like variety packs or somnething (packs with 10 seeds that you dont chose the strain its just luck of the draw as to what u get) i understand that its unknown and random but what i was wondering is if that tell u what u get when u get them like if theres a white widow in there will u know or do u just get it grow it and never know
  6. I got 10 free with my order from a site other than Nirvana. I received no label or name or any idea what they were. A lot turned out to be male (pure luck I am sure) but the remaining is flowering nicely now.
  7. No they don't label them, It will be a surprize in that you will not know which one you planted. On the bright side they usually are quality seeds. Personally if I was going the mystery/mixed seeds route I'd get femmed seeds, at least that way there's no mystery about getting bud.
  8. yea i bought the mystery pack.. i sent them an email asking them what kind of seeds r in there and they replied with something similar to this: "Classics like :northern lights, NLxBB,PPP,etc.) .... they wouldnt tell me ALL the strains, only a few
  9. its just a grab bag man. They have better genetics than some shit you got that was full of seeds. i'll tell you if I could get a "mystery bag" on the low then I'd go for it!

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