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Anyone who doesn't have a small chillum...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by inz, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Should definitely look into buying one. They are SO useful! So far I've used mine for an extended pipe, shottie, waterfall, gravity, bong, dry bong and a steam roller :) it's perfect to use as a bowl for all of those things, with a little creativity of course.

    Gravity bong

    Cut a bottle as you would, instead of using a socket etc for the bowl, wrap a little tape around the chillum, enough to keep it securely in place, then stick it in. Works like a dream.


    Water bong

    Take your plastic bottle, or whatever type of chamber you're using. You'll need to find a way to attach the chillum to some kind of stem, personally I took a 250ml aluminium drinks can, cut the top and bottom off and then rolled the remaining sheet of aluminium into a tube. Taped that to the chillum and worked perfectly as a stem/bowl. You can also simply remove the bottle and just use it as an extended pipe 8)


    So yeah, just a recommendation!
  2. Does it act as a cone piece? or is it the entire stem?
  3. I'm pretty sure it acts as a bowl and stem bro.. Cus that's what a chillum is.

  4. It depends what you're using it for. If I'm making a bong with water I attach the aluminium stem simply to make it longer. Otherwise the chillum itself usually is just a one piece bowl/stem.
  5. I just bought one tonight for $7 at the gas station. I didn't feel like rolling and I left my cig bats at home :(
  6. Interesting, but just give me a pack of Rizla and I'm good to go : )
  7. I guess but who really wants to smoke ghetto ass home made pieces

    GoG mah niggeh

  8. People who can't afford full on glass? I like being creative with my pieces anyway
  9. oh come on. i never buy into that whole argument.

    if you can afford to smoke weed on the regular, which is an expensive hobby/habbit, you can afford a nice glass on glass piece.
  10. id love to see pics of you using the chillum as something else that you listed!

    also how does a chillum hit regularly? i do not know much about chillums. does it hit pretty hot? do you get lots of ash in your mouth?

    pretty cool gravity bong idea! does it work as well as a socket?
  11. chillums are good for smokin on the go', but that is correct the hit can get pretty hot/harsh and you have to worry about your bud fallin out depending on how you hold it.

    scooby snacks are a slight threat too.

  12. I'll try post more photos later. Obviously it's a pretty harsh hit smoking from just the chillum, but if you can hold it in it gets you stoned as fuck. The first few times you use one you'll probably get ash in your mouth or maybe drop the weed because you're inexperienced. You'll learn to hold it properly after a few tries, and to stop the ash getting in your mouth just plug up the hole in the bowl with a small bit of bud.

    I ALWAYS get ash in my mouth with my spoon pipe, but never with the chillum :)
  13. i also recommend everyone that smokes dank to cop a scope 30x or so because it makes knowing how your bud is so much easier. can see every thrich
  14. FYI TO ALL 18MM BONG OWNERS. Not sure if you know this but most normal 18mm downstems fit airtight to a 2 liter bottle like shown in the first pick. This makes the ultimate gravity bong. If this is a known thing just disregard, just remembered what me and my friends used to do when i saw the pic.
  15. mmmmmm soco..

    still don't know what sombody would be doing sticking their glass slider into a plastic bottle when you have a bong to chief out of lol
  16. I'd rather buy a bong
  17. i enjoy chillums, but if i want to smoke with water filtration i'd use a nice bong
  18. Never thought to use it for a makeshift pipes bowl piece. But then again I have 7 pipes/chillums and bong, so no need to do that :p
  19. #20 BurnAFewDown, Aug 6, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Not true. I never have more than 40 bucks at a time (no job). And I'm not guna go a month or two of not smoking just so I can get one. Plus a 40 sac can last me a week if need be.

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