Anyone watch wrestling ???

Discussion in 'General' started by Cali_Toker, Jun 13, 2003.

  1. Anyone ? i watch WWE every week, just wondered if anyone else is into wrestling on here. All of you on the east coast proally allready saw smackdown tonight but for us on the west yall should watch smackdown tonight some crazy shit goes down in the last match, REAL CRAZY.
  2. Wrestling is too fake. Go watch some Ultimate Fighting Championship, if you wanna see some real fights.
  4. It's really wierd. When i used to watch wrestling, i always thought, "It'd be awesome if WWF and WCW combined." but when they did, that's when i stopped watching. 1997 through 2000 were the best years. Long live DegenerationX!
  5. hell yeah. 97-00 were the days. the stone cold-mcmahon fued was the shit. the original Dx with shawn micheals was the best. and the undertaker before he became a gay ass biker.
  6. Maaaaan. UFC is so much better. If you've got a good connection, go download some of it. Get the video "ultimate fighting championship knock outs". Elbows to the face, knees to the forehead. Kicking people in the face when they're down.. ahhhh.. UFC.
  7. I love WWE!! Hahha, i still dotn know if i actually like it, or just find it amusing and funny, but either way, its a great watch ;)

    I cant wait, Smackdown is coming to Vancouver for the first time in 8 years! WoooHooooo!!!
  8. I used to all the time. i stopped a little after WCW started coming into WWF. If you wanted to see any good matches, you had to buy PPV >.< and the chip we had didnt work with my cable company for some reason
  9. i used to like it until i learned it was all staged.... i still liked it for a couple years after... but only cos it was just too damn funny once you realised. i think i was about 11 at the time.
  10. i used to be addicted to watch WWF i would record it and watch it like 3 times the next day also, but i just got tired of it, and then when i watched it again for like the first time in a few months i had missed so much it was too confusing
  11. i think its stupid, sorry
  12. I don't watch wrestling because I used to wrestle in high school so I know what real wrestling is like and the stuff on TV just looks like a testosterone infused soap opera. Not that I have anything against testosterone, it's the bad soap opera style acting that kills me.
  13. wwe was better when it was called wwf and 95-2000 were the best years even though there was alot of good shit even before that. but now the rock is gone or probably im not sure and stone cold is now gone and undertaker is now gay.and theres too many new people there i dont even know their fucking names there is just too many new peple if it whent back to the way it was before i would start watching it againg.

    long live my ''FUCK WWE CHANT!''

    long live my ''WE WANT WWF BACK CHANT!''

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