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Anyone Watch WEEDS?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGetHi2Sublime, May 19, 2006.

  1. Anyone watch weeds. Its only the greatest tv show ever made in my opinion...its on showtime, i have all the episodes on my computer, im addicted to this show. Anyone know when seaso 2 starts?
  2. Great fucking show.
    I love it.
    I want the DVDs.
    I can't wait til season 2.

    Chris died for my sins.
  3. It's OK. I wouldn't say the best show ever.. I watched them all in one day.. then no more episodes.
  4. Yeah. That shows great. I only saw the first three though. Thats all that was left on my itunes card.
  5. I watch it if it's on.... it's not the greatest show in the world, it follows the HBO/Cinemax formula. Take x lifestyle or time period, add y amount of boobies, and get z for a show title.

    It's definately the only series I'll watch of an HBO/Cinemax series...

    We have ganja dealers, we have mafia families, we have Roman times, we have fuck... can't remember what else. but they all seems to have the same feel to the show, just appealing to different demographics.
  6. It's a decent show. But for being about weed, it's suprisingly not funny. I mean it has some jokes, but it's really more of a drama, and not a very believable one at that. I half-think that they only made the show for shock, because I remember it being on the news when they first made the show.

    Plus, it's extremely stereotypical. Which is fine, but it doesn't make for very "surprising" TV when you can kinda guess how everyone is going to act because they're all one dimentional.
  7. downloading it now biatches
  8. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, the show has a hard time making it beliveable, kind of boring.. but I have to admit the weed they use is some of the best ive seen than compared to other movies. for example half baked.

    but i could have sword it looked almost exactly like a bag of nug, or that black lady dealer's jar looks full of bud..and they use real strain names, like og kush and shit
  9. It's pretty funny. Especially when this line is said : Conrad Shepard: You calling black people stupid?
    Nancy Botwin: And lazy... and they also steal.
    Heylia James: Yeah, but we sings and we dances real good.

  10. To mellowdramatic for me.

    Not a very chill show for me.

    I'll stick to roadrunner and trailer park boys.
  11. ive seen video clips of the show, but ive never actually watched it though. Ive just been to lazy to download it. I guess i'll download an episode or 2 to watch.
  12. i've seen a few episodes, and i agree it's not all that great. was cool that they made a show like that, but i don't really like that hbo/showtime format like the other poster said.

  13. I really enjoy watching this show because everything about it is pretty cool, even the music. The second season I heard starts in August.
  14. lol yeah awesome show for sure but theres only limited episodes and i watched them all back to back so0o0o lol
  15. Bubbles FTW!
    Weeds is pretty good, I got bored of it after awhile though.
  16. The new season starts in August.

  17. Hey now, Huff is on show time and much different from anything else they have (and bettter). i like weeds too, its a good show just not really aimed towards stoners (its more of a story of her family and their friends then just a weed dealer). Penn and Teller's Bullshit is the best Showtime series.

  18. bullshit might be my favorite show

    and oz was on hbo, another good show

    but about weeds, it's alright compared to most of the other shit that's going to be on tv
  19. still like weeds the best.
  20. In a place where everyone looks the same green is the only distinctive color that matters.


    "Suburbia is where the developer bulldozes out the trees, then names the streets after them."

    ~Bill Vaughan~

    I just finished watching the first season of “Weeds.” It was funny, interesting, and thought provoking. But it was also a very tragic glimpse into a place where marijuana actually takes a far back seat compared to the secrets and lies of the main characters. I came away thinking that people these days seriously misplace their concerns. They aggressively pursue Marijuana consumers for using a plant, which if only for a moment, relieves some of the pain of perilous modern life, but fail to offer a real alternative that's as harmless. So many, like the characters in this series live such desperate empty lives and manage to hide that fact behind where most don't dare or bother to look. All that glitters isn't gold and not everything that's called illegal is hurtful.

    Some people just can't seem to find the happiness they desire even if they're surrounded by all the props.

    Mary Louise-Parker shines as the struggling pot dealing mother which ironically is the liveliest of the characters because she's walking the road less traveled. A road that ultimately seems to be taking her on a journey to rediscover her identity that's been thoroughly savaged by the monochromatic hues of suburban life.

    Everything ugly must always come to the light, and not even a neatly manicured lawn or maidservant can prevent that. Lastly, marijuana isn't a gateway drug; the illusion of modern life is because the more you pursue it the less you feel it.

    "I shall be telling this with a sigh
    Somewhere ages and ages hence<O:p</O:p

    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--<O:p</O:p
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference."

    ~Robert Frost~

    Stay green you beautiful blades.

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