Anyone want to play some BF3

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Deleted member 30133, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Anybody wanna play some BF3 PC??!!! . I usually get on a few times a day so if you wanna f shit up on the reg drop your user name and i'll add ya.

    Mine is KillaCali89
  2. Add up my friend and kick his ass for me =P

    His name is 75Cent
  3. Dpillz1201 add me dude im dying for some people to play with on the computer. I'll definitely be online later tonight around 10pm EST stoned as fuck, so hit me up!
  4. Add me, JetBlack6, I need people to play with!!!!
    been looking for people to play with for a while lol. i usually only play conquest in 64 player games.
  6. sorry i had to dip out on you guys, i almost overheated my processor :eek: since i havent been gaming for the past 3 months i started stacking stuff ontop of my case where 2 huge vents are and the filter in front of my intake fan was caked with dust. it was a disaster waiting to happen, especially since im overclocked.
  7. Everyone here add me, I need some stoner friends to play with and idk how to add people really lol.
  8. i added you guys. im on right now and ill be on tonight so just throw me an invite if you want to play
  9. Im down to play

  10. palmtrees420

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