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Anyone want a siggie?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Stylez, Feb 10, 2003.

  1. Read thread name ;P

    Tell me here what you want it to say, and gimme links to the pictures that you want on it, and anything else u want on it juz ask n ill see If I can do it.
    Heres the siggies i've made so far, Im bored and need to keep my skills good so I need stuff to work on and I figured I can help out the city at the same time.

    3rd one is too big..but looks stupid when I resize it so dun worry bout it, urs will be as big as prally the first one.
    Plus check out my siggie I made for myself, should be right under this post ;)
  2. aw FCK, i forgot geocities doesnt let u host pics, damnit, how do u put an image on a post? :/
  3. ok here goes..

    Attached Files:

  4. and..

    Attached Files:

    • matt.jpg
      File size:
      71.8 KB
  5. yeah, it didn't work for me :(
  6. u cant see the pics I posted either??
  7. no, I can see the's the links that you posted that aren't working
  8. o, well they'r the same thing.
  9. Nobody wants their own siggie? :(
  10. i'll take one if ya wanna make it. i don't have any links to pics or anything... i'd like it to say Cottons, with a stoned looking smilie (if ya got 'em) in the o's, and a couple cotton balls (if ya can do that) in each corner... and like a big pot leaf centered in the background... about the same size as yours would be cool. maybe a little bigger.

    if ya can't make it like that just do whatever with it :)

    thanks in advance.
  11. k, goin out to smoke (i hope) will get workin on it when I get home!
  12. haha! I just found a gram that i lost like 2 weeks ago of some niggets... oh shit this rocks hard.
  13. and yeah, that one that says "The Vampirus Juggalotus" Is mine :) well, he made it for me. The guy on there, is Anybody killa, he's with ICP sort of.

  14. groovy. thanks much :)

    LOL smokie... i've done that before. great huh? enjoy man :D
  15. i want one..i want one!!


    a bong would be good
    pot leaf
    psychadelic or flamey
    maybe a pentacle or something
    yin yang
    and a beaver.
  16. namron on it too.
  17. bumpin up so I can remember to do it :p

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