Anyone want a customized sig?

Discussion in 'General' started by Venomous Puffer, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. Hey, Im bored as shit haha :p and have nothin better to do. I kno im not the best at making sigs but if anyone wants one just post here with what u want on it etc. If you don't like it when its done feel free to not use it, if u do then feel free to use it.
  2. See if you can make mine any better. :)
  3. Lol yours is pretty fucked up and weird haha i dont think i can do much with it lol :p
  4. i would love one! if it's possible a weed leaf in chains and then a key somewhere in the sig and have it saying free the plant
  5. aight ill get started and see what I can do
  6. Yea could you make these three pics vvvvvvvvv and put them together and put stickyxlover across and but like a border around it or something

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  7. NOOOOOOOOOOO! I don't really like it. Not really sharp.

    Sticky - Awesome taste in music. :D
  8. i think i know what ya mean, ill see what i can do with em
  9. Venomous, if you want me to throw a hue change cycle on a sig, i'd be glad to. It'd have to be a gif tho, but GC works well for hosting those.
  10. Lebowski, anything you can do with my sig? I'd be more gracious than 72 virgins if you could. I might even make you that toothpaste/ham sandwich, which had your mouth watering last time.
  11. i would like a better sig
  12. K thanks a lot man
  13. aight cool, im ok but if anyone wants a hue change cycle on theirs ill send u the sig i make them, btw, im almost done with O/\/\ni's sig

  14. Ill see what I can do. Sorry to jack your customers venemous.
    Hey I was watching the andy milonaucus show the other day, and he had a peice of bread out and was sqeezing toothpaste onto it singing "minty sangwich, minty minty sangwich" yes the sanGwich is intentional.
  15. Weird, never even seen that show before. But, did he have the class to add it to ham!? I think not! Anus > Andy Milonakis

  16. QFT :smoke:

    I actually hate andy milonakis.
  17. ok i finished omni's and mr bubbles (he requested offline) hope you like :p


  18. Wow dude those are all nice.
    Good work! :)
  19. thank you :)
  20. Damn thats crazy. rly good

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