Anyone Want a Custom Signature?

Discussion in 'General' started by Hollywood-Hills, Aug 28, 2008.

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    Well I'll make ya one!
    I've been browsing around gc for quite some time, seeing as how my brother, Leftcoasthills/thebitcheswer69, had an account on here but was recently banned.

    I made his signature seen here:

    I've also made one for both my brothers and my friend, his signature can be seen here:
    Yes its simple, but I can make relatively complex ones too.

    Some more examples:

    Send me a pm for more info!
    These are free by the way!

    EDIT: For all mods, this is not LeftcoasthillS, that was my brother, he turned me on the the site. Just so I don't get banned in error. Thanks
  2. You're aware of size restrictions? Also revolution has beat you to it lol check out artists corner for her thread.
  3. That's funny, I was going to make a wallpaper for the Grasscity graphic design contest with GC instead of didn't look very good
  4. id love a custom sig. keep within the size restrictions whatever they are. dont put mietoe in it, put "my name is mike". and uhh, i like music, the beatles, guitars etc. go crazy.

  5. Gotcha
  6. Bro if that is you're sig you can't make sigs for others till you know the rules or its a waste of time.

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