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Anyone wanna help a fairly new smoker out?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SmokeRideDie420, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. I haven't been smoking too long, about 4 months i'd say. I haven't had to buy from anyone yet but i'll be picking up for my first time this weekend probably, and was wondering, as a rough estimate, how much a gram would be compared to the size of a quarter? I just want to make sure i'm not getting ripped off. (I'll be buying a scale within the month too just for extra caution) All advice is appreciated
  2. Well, there are 28 grams in an ounce (not exactly 28 but essentially 28). 28 divided by 4 (i.e. a quarter) is 7. Therefore, a quarter should like 7x as big as a gram that you're used to.

    Now, you may have to factor for denseness, etc. but a keen eye and should keep you until your scale.
  3. Different weed has different densities, which is why a scale is needed. just watch as the dealer puts in on the scale.
  4. Compared to the coin quarter, I'd sad about 1-1.5 quarters depending on the density.
  5. To clarify, when you say quarter...

    given the context I'm assuming you mean a coin to use as a point of reference when you go to check out your bag correct?

    Or do you mean a quarter ounce?
  6. Coin <:c
  7. a 1 gram nug should be maybe a little bigger than a quarter Id say this..... a 8th of weed should be about 3/4th the way up on a standard size pill bottle. Thats of course if its not broken up and a few nugs
  8. I'd agree with what the others said, but a gram is a really small amount and to be honest I doubt you'll get ripped off on that. When you get up to larger amounts/danker weed though, i'd make sure you have a hella good eye but of course nothing is going to be as accurate as a scale, seeing how it all varies with how tightly the nugs are packed and all.
  9. Well, im not buying only a gram, im buying about 6 or 7 grams, but i just wanted to know for future reference roughly what to expect just by eyeing it since carrying a scale around isnt always so convenient.
  10. someone should post a pick of an 8th and a quarter for you to see... I would but....all dry=[
    nonetheless GL
  11. ahh, well its hard to eye especially if you aren't experienced

    when i bought my half O i thought for sure I got gipped, turned out to look like more than that actually once it had all been broken up

    14.2 grams minus a bit smoked, zippy is the nugs spread out and the lil bag in the back was 2 fat blunts worth, plenty of items there to compare it to, that chocolate bar got DEMOLISHED

    shitty cell pic

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  12. Really the best thing to do is get some hand scales. easy to carry with you and easy to hide. Not to mention you can throw them away without worrying how much you spent on them.

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  13. Holy shit man they just made a thread like this use the search button

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