Anyone wana play some xbox?>

Discussion in 'General' started by Justin127, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Ju5tiinx117

  2. Theres a section for this...
  3. Booooooooooo:mad:
  4. I'd play with you bro, but my xbox is all sorts of fucked up.
  5. Awww :( Im GOW 3 lonely
  6. lol don't get mad that you posted in the wrong section.

    For real though, there's a thread about sharing xbl tags, so post there bro
  7. lmao that's good to know
  8. What games do you play
  9. GOW3 Minecraft, LFD2, Cod 4, mw2, black ops Halof reach
  10. Only if you... want to play with my xbox... ;)

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