Anyone Using The New App?

Discussion in 'General' started by Just A High Guy, May 24, 2013.

  1. I just downloaded it. Seems pretty tight. What do you guys think about it?

  2. Using it now lol when I down loaded it, it said 10+ downloads, one of the first select few to use it.

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  3. Lol same here. I haven't received a single notification though. Sup with that?
  4. I've received a pm and people have responded to me yet no notification. What it's mean where it says "how often to check"?
  5. Is it finally available now??!! Iv'e felt lost without it! BTW.....the new look is awesome!! I'm very excited to look into it a little more! I'll be back with hopefully a brand new grasscity forum app for my iphone 5!!!
    If you can't tell........
    I'm excited. Lol.
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    annnndddd...... wtf happened to +rep????
  7. Didn't know it was out. Is is really any different than the mobile site because that seems to me at least like it's just like the app was before just different colours and with that facebook menu screen. 
  8. It won't even let me sign in when I try to use it
  9. It's awesome. It's not out for the Iphone yet. Probably a few more days.
  10. pretty sure it releases for Andriod right now.
    Apple will have it in like 2-3 weeks.
    theres a whole thread talking about it somewhere.
    but i cannot wait for it to come out on iOS.
    i miss the GC app very much.
  11. Yeah, it takes longer for the apple app store to review and approve it. Thats what the mods are saying anyways.. these guys that are using it must have Droids or some other kind of of smartphone.
  12. Im using it right meow. The odd thing is they said it would cost a buck but I downloaded the app from the android app store without any fees. Didn't see a pay version either?? But then again I can't quote posts which is lame. Dunno if that's a bug or what.

    And just so you guys know there are pretty extensive notification settings under the apps settings. And the apps not released on the apple store yet. They said they submitted it so it should pop up soon
  13. Thanks for the quick answer guys...and will be waiting for the app to come out for iOS.
  14. Have you changed your name at all? If you did, have to use your old name to log in.

    And not getting any notifications from the app, oh well. I love the app feature.
  15. Yeah man they were going to make you pay a dollar but they changed their minds and made it free. I have not received any notifications using the app though. I hope they fix it..
    I've tried them both and no luck :confused_2:
  17. As we speak! I like the new layout.

    You aren't trying to use the old version are you?

    Lol nah I downloaded tha new one
  19. I've tried them both and no luck :confused_2:

    Sucks man hopefully get out fixed soon.
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  20. So I'm not the only one not getting notifications on the app?

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