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Anyone Using Molasses During Budding Stage???

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by BudStoned, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. I am curious if anyone here is using molasses....

    If so.. what does it do for taste.. smell.. overall flavor and enjoyment..??

    If you have used it and love it or hate it... Please tell me why..??

    I am thinking about using it for the final couple of weeks....

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  2. research man! almost everyone on here uses it

  3. Absolutely Right --- MOLASSES
  4. sorry wasn't being a dick but man I have and daily spend countless hours reading and researching. Read all the stickies and notes from SF SAGE, sidious, LBH, Amoril, IBTOASTY, BUDSLINGER and you will be fine. They are my teachers when I need em. But anyhoo, I used it all in flowering. Got to a point where I used it three times a week. ITS GREAT!
  5. My lady is starting to bud and I'm using it. It's supposed to sweeten the taste, not 100% sure on the smell factor. Prob not too noticeable of a difference. When you use it just be careful you don't over use. A lot of people get carried away and add to much. Make sure it's unsulphured. I'm using Brer Rabbit from Kroger. All I could find and it's unsulphured.
  6. well don't use more than one tablespoon per gallon. And to quote, there are a lot of people who just use molasses by itself. People water with it constantly. I have never read people receiving nute burn from mola. I personally will say with its use, the trichome development will be the best it can be, And the smell will be a bit sweeter, same with taste. But mostly it helps in the uptake of nutrients and helps the soil SO MUCH! There is a post of a guy who watered with only cocoa and molasses for his entire grow. It was very interesting. I tried it myself with great results. Now when I get home I it reminded me to get some cocoa ready so my girls can get a little calcium bath. Afterwards my leaves were shiny and polished green. Looked Marvelous. But anyhoo try it out. Just don't put it in your hydro system lol. Bacteria growth.

  7. No problem.. you were right.. lol

    I have five nice plants so I may just try it in one just to have something to compare it to...
    This is my first grow and I really don't want to mess up the first batch...:D

    I have never heard of "watering with only cocoa and molasses"... what is the cocoa for??

    I'll search for it and find out something... I am really getting addicted to ganja growing info..
  8. I stop using molasses about the second week after flowering. Keeps the iron taste out of the smoke
  9. Make sure it's unsulphered molasses.
  10. Brer Rabbits Blackstrap Molasses!

    Yes 1Tbsp/Gal. during flowering along side your normal bloom mixes.
    It works better than any product I have been using at a fraction of the cost!
    It works as a chelating agent so plants absorb more nutrients increasing taste, yield, terpenes/smell, etc. The B.R. Molasses has potassium, magnesium, iron, trace minerals, etc. that the plant thrives on during flowering! B.R. Blackstrap is hands down the best, but any Blackstrap Molasses will do!

    You can thank me later! :wave:
  11. I use Grandma's Molasses with my plants. It seems to be working just fine.
  12. apacolypz is right I used it on my 2nd grow i had when I took over a buddies grow for him. Worked wonders on the trichs development. I would say it is safe to use all the way up untill u are getting ready to harvest but that is only if you do a proper flush.YOU HAVE TO FLUSH PROPERLY is what i'm saying in order not to have any funny taste to the bud.

    Oh yeah and I was just using RO water with pure blend pro bloom and 1 tablespoon of molasses per gallon:smoke:
  13. Going to go buy some molasses right now actually, going to start feeding tonight... I can post pictures of a "48" hour test.... see if there's any visible developement...

    I'm going to stop using nutrients and switch to entireley molassess... 1 tbspoon per plant?

    BBlah im out!
  14. 1tbsp per gallon of water lol, I'm interested in a 48 hour test
  15. ^this

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