Anyone using Canna Grow Guide with Coco ?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Splonk, Feb 27, 2020.

  1. .8-1.0 EC once established in veg 2x a day
    .4-.8 EC flower 3-4x per day.

    50/50 coco perlite. 10-15% runoff.

    pH in at 6.0 out at 6.5. Gets higher than 6.5pH up the strength of nutrients.
    Run off gets lower than 6.2pH back off of the strength of the nutrients.

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  2. Hydroponic
    No I don't stick to what is says on the bottle .
    Depending on the strain and size ,,, I go one 7th what is recommended on small plants and about half on bigger plants ..
    I use GH cal magic and zinc and iron .
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  3. If you grow with a reservoir you can see what the plants can actually absorb and it’s roughly 100ppm per week of veg. Then 3-4 weeks before they’re done you half it every week so you don’t need to flush.
    Over a grow that will save you around 90% on your nutes Bill compared to what the companies tell you to feed.
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