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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by mardanlin, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. I just ordered some seeds from there for $20 and it says they use overnight shipping but I haven't received them yet..
  2. yeah fine print is europe only mine takes 3 weeks, seeds all ok my ratios are 60/40 female ,,soak over nite. paper towel three days straight into dirt cups ...if its during their holiday season they might forget an order just email them but be nice and you will get your order:smoke::smoke:

  3. I ordered 12 feminized white widow seeds, says they're all guaranteed to be female. I just wanted to see if anyone had actually received their order before because their contact page was kind of empty and sketchy but it says they're the #1 dealer so I wasn't sure.

    Thanks for the insight. I know the paper towel thing is good, but I'm pretty lazy and I'll probably just start them in my AeroGarden again and move them to my HPS setup when they outgrow it.
  4. hey that offer seems to good to be true! have the seeds come yet? all female? it says the offer is for 1 week only, im really tempted.

    If you have got them, is the package stealthy? is there any reference to marijuana on the packet?
  5. Yes, I would like to know myself. Definitely seems like a pretty good offer :)

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