Anyone use youtube to 'listen' to music

Discussion in 'General' started by boogercruiser, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. titel self explanitory
  2. Not usually, if I'm online and want music (which is often) I use Pandora.
  3. I used to, then I discovered torrents :D
  4. As said above both Pandora and Last.FM are better for streaming music. But there was a short time where the only place to listen to Modest Mouse's then-unreleased track King Rat was to watch some shitty youtube video.
  5. I also torrent but sometimes just listening to a song on youtube can be more convenient.
  6. I like 2 keep my iTunes clean. Only Full Albums. If there is a song thats not on a released full album I just listen to it on Youtube.
  7. Yeah sometimes.

    I usually use it to find different songs from certain artists and then if I like it, read their page on wikipedia and see what their good albums were and dl a few.

    I guess I use it more for exploration than as a radio. :smoke:
  8. Ya, to show people tracks when your not home or their not home.
  9. Yes because sometimes its hard to find that certain song.

    Once I find it, I download it so I dont go back to youtube

  10. dude i do the same thing! I'm so neurotic about it, like I imagine it as my record collection, no single songs or albums missing cover art or anything like that.
  11. Only if i'm researching/discovering something new or the like. The audio quality is shit on youtube, so if I like what I hear I'll get a real copy of it or torrent it and then rock the fuck out. I think of youtube more as a little sampling rather than the real thing.
  12. Yeah. Unless I'm downloading music from torrents/etc that's all I've used for years. You even get a cute little music video to go along with it.:cool:
  13. Yeah, I have a program that converts youtube videos into mp3's. Really nifty, and works quickly.
  14. I would if every other search didn't include 100 live versions and 1000 shitty covers of the song I'm looking for.
  15. I do it every now and then (if I don't feel like downloading something), but I've been using project playlist for the past couple of years.
  16. I got one too. The quality is decent.
  17. if i listen to rock or something where quality really matters, i download it or play it on playlist, but usually youtube has a shitload of good rap thats hard to find

  18. Yeah I download them off youtube and put them on CD's. Can't even tell the difference between store bought and illegal.
  19. I use it to find new songs to get.

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