Anyone Use These Clay Stakes/watering Question.

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    They say put them in the pot and have the water below the pot and it will water up to 100ml a day and keep your pot nice and good till you get back from a vacation.  I don't want to give away my plant to someone to water and look after.  Damn, i don't even want to go on vacation because of this.  
    I plan on getting like 8-10 of these and making a little scrog net to keep the plants from hitting the lights and hoping that they survive the 7-15 days i will be gone.  
    I have looked around the web, use the wick system, that is a good one, kinda like this. Use automated dripper (I don't have 100 bucks) 2 liter and a small dripper, don't really know how to regulate that.
    I am going to transplant them into a gallon pot each, and drench them before i go and then drench them when i come back, unless these work amazing. Just want your feedback, please answer, because the last like 3 threads i made, no one really helped. I only got, why are you posting here you noob and answers like that. I am also learning from googling that GC isn't the best place for asking, since like ICC and others are out there. 

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    Never mind, just read and answered my question. I would be worried about them getting water everyday, cannabis doesn't really like that normally. However being a small amount it may be OK. If it was just a week I would say put them in 5g buckets and just water them good but 15 would probably be way too much.
  3. only problem i see is possible over water or root rot in on area of the pot as mj does like its dry spells. i take it no one knows or you would have asked them i guess lol how much water do they hold
    and what stage ars you at cause in flower you can be feeding 2 liters or more 1-2 days
  4. need to know more about ya grow too how many strain lights temp humidity this all helps :)
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    6 23 watt cfls 1 box fan 
    1 auto afghan ryder looks so good, but shes fine because that baby isn't taking alot of water, i watered it once and it stayed good for like 2-3 weeks.. but its in flower, so ill barely make it by. But once i get home, ill harvest like a day or 2 after, Cutting it real close on that one.
    1 Green Poison, vegging it out till i get back
    1 bag seed, this girl is about 2 feet tall and im not sure if im going to put her in a 1 or 3 gallon, looks like a 3 gallon.  So that will be in a
    1 bag seed, just got seedling but might just put it outside, its my test plant for LST,toping,fim,super crop and such
    3 gallon, right now its kinda in a small pot 2 quarts, hey, its the only pots i could find. 
    Poor man grow :/
    I can also put the GP in a 3 gallon as needed.
    I know that they like dry, and the root rot, i've had a plant 2-3 years back outside, hurricane came by and got so wet that the roots were brown and i got sad. 
    Temp is about 75-83 with lights on. Might go higher as temps rise, but ill try and add a extra fan for air movement. 
    Don't know the humidity, but when i get my growing skills better i can invest more into this lovely plant.
    Grow space is 3.5 feet long 20 inches wide and about 5 feet tall. 
  6. Just a bump for info, don't yell at me :c
  7. more light would be very benifical you not even on 200w yet but thats not your question i found when my autos were in flower they would take up to 2 liters every other day so do be care full will the clay if ya cutting 2days after you get home bit of dryness wont harm in fact it will help the drying process all i can say is trial and error if you have to go you have to go so not got alot of other opitons unless you go for a pump timer and a bucket lol automated watwring system using small tank pumps and a made up bucket of water :).

    will the steaks allow any nutes in and not change ph? i would check that one :) hope it works out well

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