Anyone use their mouse with two hands

Discussion in 'General' started by the color green, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. I find that the precision offered by using my mouse with two hands is superior to the precision offered with only one
  2. And just what do you need this "percision" for?
  3. percicely^^

    but yea im thinkin your alone on this one.
  4. I just tried it.

    I had far less precision.

    Wtf are you talking about? :p

    Oh waaait... I get it. "Mouse" is a secret code word...

    I don't feel safe in this thread anymore. :hide:
  5. browsing grass city

    no you pervert
  6. I tried it.
    Its fucking hard.

    So to you sir, I tip my hat.
  7. i played counter strike. needless to say i have amazing aim.
  8. Your mouse isn't a fucking Ouija triangle!

  9. I do what I can to keep GrassCity dirty. ;), no I don't.

    I'm going to regret saying that. :poke:
  10. YES.

    Good Bye.

    F A I L D T D T Z 2 5 9

    Oh god, what's that message right there.

  11. It sounds like a ghost trying to ask if he's going to pass his drug test.

    Heaven must be harsh. :(
  12. God and his fucking hair tests.
  13. Anyone ever use a Ouija board?
  14. you should prolly put that on youtube and contact the tonight show, theyre gonna wanna see you :hello::hello::smoking::smoking:
  15. Perhaps "The Gong Show" hosted by Dave Atell?
    you have got quite a talent.
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    thats true ;p
    or u can just get tablet
  17. guys i am completely lying



    Yeah, I said it.

  19. lol.
    how does it go.


  20. And then when he posts a picture we all have to call out "PHOTOSHOPPED!" :smoke:

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