anyone use the Vertizontal System ? need input - light question

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  1. HEy GC,

    Im looking for a little help from the lighting experts on a new light im looking to buy. I saw this Vertizontal System that looks really nice for the space i want to fill. Im looking to expand my grow by 60% from what i have it now.

    So my question is this. Would it be a good idea to run this side by side with the 1000 hps light i have now or just use this one with the bigger foot print ? Im going to add 3 new DIY Aero buckets - each bucket holding 6 plants. So 18 new plants to the garden. What do you think?

    Vertizontal System


    I currently have this

    1000 HPS/MH Dual ballast

  2. It would be kick ass,especially with Hortilux bulbs,the super HPS 1K AND their blue daylight MH MT-1000B-D/HOR/HTL-BLUE,its the ONLY 1K MH HID which burns at what our plants like best....5500K.:D
  3. hey oci.. have you used the blue daylight MH MT-1000B-D/HOR/HTL-BLUE to flower? If so did it turn out ok? Buds just as dense?

    thanx man.. i'm pretty interested in switching bulbs.

    mj: if you have the room for both and heat isn't an issue.. then i'd go for the 2.
  4. thats a badass light. i have used it myself and its great. just make sure you have good ventilation allready, b/c as you can tell, its a tough reflector to vent.
  5. yea , thanks guys. It might be a little hard but were going into winter so i dont think ill need a lot of ventilation just yet. Its in my garage so im going to test out both lights. If i see that i can do it with the 1 ill remove my other light and add it to my other grows in other locations.
  6. Its a MH and best used in veg.,i did try switching to 12/12 keeping that bulb in thinking it may keep from stretching like the super HPS does but it also did it.

    Only had it in for 4-7 days and as it stretched an inch a day anyways i switched to the HPS and its still in now at 57 days in flower,flushed the soil and the dro gets the clearex this weekend.

    Have ya had a look at my (neglected) journal?

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