Anyone use paraska LEDs?

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  1. I think you would need more light in a 3x3 your talking about the white panel with 4 Cobbs? Or the led chip version?

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  2. That looks like a light that I started out with but repackaged with another name on it. In short, one cob burned out in short order and plant growth was not great. My 2 cents would be stay away.
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  3. I think there a little pricey for the watts and spread you get. You could get 2/600's Leds from galaxy hydro etc. for cheaper and you would be getting more watts and a bigger spread for a 3 x 3 just opinion.

    Just do your research on any Light you buy! As it's the most important piece of equipment in your grow! Always look at the warranty!

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  4. Man I've spent weeks looking at nothing but lights. I decided I'd try and fork out and order a timber cob, but 5 days now and I've still got no reply about shipping cost. Then I was looking at the diy cree board, was thinking to get the 255w dimmable, but 4 days now still waiting to hear how much shipping would be. I'm in uk and I can't order online, when I go past the first page it tells me to email for prices, but then no reply..
    So I've been looking around because I need to get it up hopefully by the end of this week. So I started looking more local online like Amazon. The Mars 2 400 I can get £150 and it says it can beg my 3x3. Then I look at vipr there 450 is like £120 atm. But there cheap Chinese boards, which I'll end up having to go with. So I search uk suppliers for cobs and all I find is ultimate platinum and paraska both have no good reviews I can find.
    I nearly picked up 2 4 bulb t5's but I really want to start on the led path.
    Do you have any recommendations that fit my needs. I'll be flowering in a 4x4 under hps. I want led for veg to keep heat low but also keep watts low. I really want a led that's runs on low watts but can veg 4-6 plants for up to 5 weeks. Then it'll switch tents for a week and get switched to 12/12.

    So again I really wanna go cob or Cree but looks like I'll end up with a vipar or Mars for my first run, which is shit because the review are always meh at best and I guess if it says it can veg 3x3 it actually mean 1x1!!...

    I read forum post after post at by the end I just felling FUCKKKKK. I just want a led that I can order online that replies to me. Any recommendations????

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  5. I love my Timber light but you can build one yourself pretty simply. Try
    Go to the horticulture light ( I think it might be called Grow light section).
    If you have questions, I'll try to help you through this. Don't sweat this. Have em ship it and you build it.

    Go to growmau5 (yep spelled like that) on youtube to get the directions. Very simple. I am a retard and I built one.

    .I have a used California Lightworks 440 with about 6 grows on it if you are interested. Old technology but it does the job. Honestly, the kit from cutter shipped would be less $ and a better light though.
    Hope this helps
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    Why dont you look at a spectrum king cc140w the "mothers little helper" option is a veg led.

    It runs at 140w which performs at about the same as a 350w hps. You vould cover 3x3 for veg with this light. Not for flowering tho.

    Uk have a few sellers

    Edit : their info claims 4x4 veg coverage
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    I like all the Cobbs that timer, cutter has, but HLG has Quantum boards out right now that are more efficient and get some of the Best light penetration out there right now IMO. all the lights that were mentioned are all good They have Diy and prebuilt models. I've been running 4 boards with dimmable drivers. Take a look if you want. Horticulture Lighting Group Premium LED Grow Lights for Agriculture

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  8. spectrum King... good call onthemooch
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  9. Thanks a ton dude. I did ask for a quote between shipping costs but I honestly doubt I could put it together, not good at that sort of thing. I'll check out that vid thanks. I checked out the spectrum King and she looks perfect. Thanks again
  10. Thanks! Looks perfect!
  11. I've been looking at them, I watched their video and I think I'd even be able to that one lol. maybe next time I'm looking to upgrade.
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  12. There not expensive if you DIY your paying about $1 a per watt. and there more cost-efficient then any LED out there right now. don't get me wrong I would like the The spectrum King is a Great light just a little pricey IMO. I'll be adding Cobbs to the corners of my tent in the future which kind I'm not sure. mine was prebuilt they added heat sinks and 2 drivers to run 4 boards using 1216 561c Samsung diodes. [​IMG]

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  13. She's a beut! What watt and do You use her to flower? You got a journel going?
  14. Yes here's a link to my Journal, feel free to stop by. I only have 2 Blueberry's going right now until my No-till soil is done cooking. Yes it's 3500k runs at 550 watts from the wall. can be turned up or down. and runs very cool with no A/C my temps never run over 81 degrees. here's one of my Blueberry's going to flip this weekend. Then it will be no till after there done. Thanks man[​IMG]

    Femmed Bubblelicious and Aurora and 2 Blueberry's from the Seedsman

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  15. Nice one. I looked at that journel, I thought 80 pages must be old lol. I'll follow along. Cree and no till, both read a little on, I though no till would be too difficult indoor, I'm defiantly eager to see what you got to come. Good luck!
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  16. I've been looking into this and the closet case 100w. The difference m in the lumens 10000 compared to 13000. I've seen their video and the mlh they make sound much better but is it really? Could I acomlish my goals with the cc 100w? I only ask because I can the cc for nearly half the price of the mlh. Thanks dude
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    Rapid led has extremely cheap cob kits that are tempting. I'm not sure their shipping policy to the UK but it's worth a try.

    For a 3x3 area I think 2 of these 3 cob kits would be great. I use the 2100a driver in their list for my 280 max watt qb board kit. If you choose that driver it's also constant current so it has a voltage pot. You can dim the voltage until you like the temp it puts off but since those vero29's can do up to 100 watts each I don't think the driver can overdriver 3. I'm not sure the capacity of the heat sink so if you go the larger driver you may have to dim till it works good.
    VERO29 Triple COB Array Kit

    I have 2 lights in all my tents instead of just a single fixture. I love it. You can have some power adjusting the distance between the lights and the height to get a more optimal footprint then a single light. Two lights is also twice as reliable as one when you're talking failures. You can always finish a crop when you have a failure with the second light.

    The recommended coverage area for one light is 3x2. 2 of them with be a little overkill in a 3x3 but who doesn't want plenty of light. Cob run cooler if you don't drive them hard. You'll be able to dim them until they are the perfect output for your cooling. 6 vero29's in a 3x3 should be great coverage too.

    It's $440 for 2 kits in the US. It should be way less in pounds.
  18. You could go for the mlh 140w option too.

    Also isnt the cc and mlh the same cost ?

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