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Anyone use marijuana to gain weight?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Stride420, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. I'm a med patient for various issues/ailments and I'm pretty skinny and am thinking of using marijuana more frequently in order to help me gain weight but I hear so many cases of it causes people to lose appetite and lose weight. What's everyone's opinion on this? Has anyone used marijuana to successfully gain weight?
  2. i havnt reall gained wieght because my metabolism is off the charts to begin with, but i use it to allieviate pains i get from fucking anorexia.

    it really fucking helps man. i can go for days without eating, or just eating very little, but weed really turns my stomach around so i can eat and get nutrients i need.

    idk what i would do without it honestly.

    still havnt gained weight tho?...oddly. i think cause i eat what i should, or rite under versus eating more to gain weight.

    idk. it is something to consider though depending on your health/diet/lifestyle.

    some people could use it, some people cant. regarding your thread that is.
  3. the munchies from mmj is the key to gaining weight. I would find a good healthy meal i enjoy eat it ( not medicated) get about 75% full. after that i would find my favorite munchie (McDonalds) get home smoke a bowl and its like a reset on my hunger button. lol

    the trick is to balance the bad with the good and work out a little cause im not a fan of man boobs. i was 6ft1 155 before 8 months later i was 185 pounds with just a little flab. but i gotta tell you i felt so much better i didnt need to wear a bunch of clothes to keep warm and i rarely got sick. (love eating health food ripped of my ass)
  4. Hi,
    I've been smoking on an off for years- I say that because I gave up for a year! Now I smoke 1 spliff a day everyday, before I was using a pipe. I have definitely put on weight since starting to use again, I think that if you can associate smoking with perhaps an evening meal, I.e have a smoke while you are cooking you enjoy that food more and I think it makes you eat more.
  5. I had lost about 45 lbs with my Crohns. I didn't quite look dead, but close. Can't say cannabis is completely what helped me to gain weight (pharma drugs finally helped) but the appetite I have had with it really helped me to put all my weight back on. I'm a fairly healthy 6'2" 215 lbs now again! I never went the "munchies" route, however. Always balanced meals if I could help it. Lots of organics. Eating McDonalds after using such a great healthy thing like cannabis seems so counter productive. Eat real food to gain weight! No genetically modified crap that is likely to give you more weight loss.
  6. im trying to ya. i have appetite problems and am only about 125 pounds (5'10). not deathly thin, but definitely skinnier than id like.
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    I have an eating disorder and, yes, marijuana helped me gain back and now helps me maintain a healthy weight. I find that when I am not medicating I will often be too anxious to eat, forget to eat, or simply have no appetite. Nothing sounds good. After I smoke I can eat a decent meal and usually feel okay about it. I even enjoy it sometimes. :rolleyes:

    The key is having healthy meals, not just piling on McD's. A burger once in a while isn't too horrible, though. You have to treat yourself. MMJ in addition to a healthy meal plan that targets your weight gain goals, along with moderate amounts of exercise is probably your best bet.

    I'm no doctor though and my advice could potentially kill you (that's my form of a disclaimer :p)
  8. I gain weight pretty easily and I gained about 40lbs in a year. I smoke daily. Not sure if it was cannabis that caused the weight gain cause I'm also on antidepressants/antipsychotics... but 40lbs is a lot and I was already fat to begin with :( (started at 144 now I'm ~180. I'm 5 ft 4 and 22 yrs old female)

    When my boyfriend was ill he was 110lbs or 130lbs I forgot but he used cannabis daily and now he's 240lbs lol
  9. Im in the pocess of tryin it out right now.. Im 5'2 110.. Im tryna get to 130.. I get the munchies n I eat everything but im still not gaining the weight like I thought!
  10. yeah i have actually gained a bit of weight due to the fact that when i get munchies i go to the shop and buy a shit load haha, i ainted weighed myself or shit man but i have noticed that ever since i started smoking it like all the time i have gotten a little fatter haha but i aint fat man im pretty thin man. if you wanna gain weight then eat a whole load of munch, which is easier to do when stoned as you can eat more somehow haha, i guess that way would help marijuana get more weight
  11. This is exactly what I wanted to hear. How many times a day did he smoke to achieve that do you remember?

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