Anyone use jet lighters?

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  1. After my explorer scout meeting (moving up to network soon, if you care) I saw our leader using a Turboflame to seal the end of some cord.

    Now, as well as these things being incredibly useful on campsites and that, they also look incredible for lighting up quickly.

    Has anyone in Britain seen these in the shops, because I can't find them anywhere. Buying online's not an option, as I don't want to deliver it to my house because my parents aren't 100% supportive of my lifestyle.

    I was also wondering about how these would work with bongs and other pieces. Surely it would completely blitz your bowl, making it pretty useless?
  2. Your parents go through your mail?
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    It's not that obtrusive.
    If they knew what it was the questions would err on the side of why the fuck do you need a 1300 degree flame?

    I also don't get much mail at all.
  4. they work in windy situations of course, but you really have to becareful with the flame on those things, it will totally torch your pack, may even crack your glass (ive heard, not personal experience). i use a torch to clean my metal tools that i may use to pick at hash or clean my bowls, that 2500F degree flame cleans any rez off fast haha.

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