Anyone Use Hot Bong Water?

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  1. I can't really find to many threads that discuss the temp. of bong water...

    But, whenever I load up a Bong (usually homemade ones, but I use cheap acrylic or glass sometimes that usually don't belong to me) I always love to have SCALDING hot water... [​IMG]

    I'm talking so hot that you gotta hold the bottom of it with a towel or your shirt or something so it won't burn your bare hands....

    Usually I get it to about the heat where it jussst starts burning your hands a bit... and I gotta keep changing hands... or like I said earlier.. hold it with something around your hands to protect them... [​IMG]

    And despite most of what I have read saying that ice cold water gives the best hits, hot water is so smooth, that its almost like breathing in shower vapor. (when you take a hot shower... that warm, water vapor fog that fills up the room)

    what do you guys think? Are me and my friends the only ones who like warm to hot water in their waterpipes or bongs? [​IMG][​IMG]

    * I have read that the reason smoke makes you cough is due to the "drying effect" it has on the lungs... not how hot the smoke is.*

    * Also, would any of you more experienced tokers say that you would lose any potency from the smoke?*
  2. I've never used hot water before, I'm just nervous about actually burning my throat, but I guess I'll try it soon enough.
  3. When Im sick I use tea in the bong hahaha :p

    I'm being serious too :)
  4. the logic behind it makes sense. sort of like a humidifier. i'll give it a shot and let you know what i think. thanks for the info.

  5. I'm curious to try that, my mom has some bomb pomegranate green tea that smells amazing.
  6. yeah it makes it feel like steam instead of smoke, and does seem to be smoother. maybe it has something to do with the molecules in the water moving faster letting it filter better

  7. yah do it man... and let me know watcha think... i think the hits are amazingly smooth... you might like it so much, that you will might end up finding yourself using hot water every time you bust out the bong
  8. I'll have to try this. It's probably smoother because more moisture is released into the smoke. That's not the way to put it, but you know... lol

  9. yah... its awesome... try it man.. it gets all that warm, vapory, goodness mixed in with the smoke... not to mention that it filters it better
  10. sounds ignorant why now just use nice ice cold water.
  11. I have done this before, and I do understand your comparison to the shower. I however didnt like it, the worst part was I had to wait for my glass to cool down so I could put cold water in.
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    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016 sound ignorant. lol Why not use hot water?

  13. sounds soothing as all hell :hello:

    but to the op, avoid acrylic my friend did this in an old acrylic bong of mine and the plastic melted and became deformed. granted it was still usable I was kind of like " Really.....? :confused_2: "

  14. I usually stick with warmer to slightly hot water in glass or acrylic pieces... but in home made bottle bongs iv always had no problems with extra hot water....

    hits are milky smooth
  15. I tried this before but honestly didn't like it at all. My favorite way is to use crushed ice and cold water in my ashcatcher and bong. The colder the better. Hot water makes me cough. It might help you cough up phlegm/
  16. i do this all the time, usually for wake and bakes. feels good man.

    i also like to put ice in the bong water and ice pinches on occasion too.

    its smoother on the throat

    also to the guy saying it might help cough up phlegm, probably because it really expands the lungs IMO
  17. It doesn't have to be extremely hot to get the benefits of smoother smoke. Any water from the tap at lukewarm to tap water hot will smooth out the smoking experience. Hits cooled quickly with ice tend to be more harsh than warm water hits.

  18. i leave water bottles in my car during the day and the water in them gets REAL hot, and sometimes thats the only water around when im looking to fill my bong with.

    i didnt notice any difference except the hit was hotter in temperature. i dont hit it with hot water often tho.

    one thing i thought of tho was that maybe the temperature of the water can affect how much the smoke is filtered? does hot water filter the smoke more thoroughly than cold water?

    if this is the case, you can use hot water for better filtration, and ice cubes to cool the smoke before it gets to ur lungs. just an idea?
  19. The whole purpose of the water is to filter the finer particles (eg. Clean the smoke) and to cool the smoke down so you can take deeper hits.

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