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Anyone Use Grunge Off?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by AlphaOmega420, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. ive heard nothing but good things.
    but ive also heard iso n salt works just as well for much cheaper so ive always done that
  2. Thats wat ive been using before but in this tree perc the salt cant reach the top of the tree perc and some other spots which where the big buildup is from...
  3. I have heard that it is some good stuff.
    As for Iso and salt that works but after you have had the piece for a while you will notice a spot or two that is impossible to get fully clean and that spot will become more obvious over time no matter how much you clean the damn thing.
    I am gonna try the grunge off whenever I remember to get some while I am out.
  4. grunge off works... just make sure you rinse the FUCK out of it i used it with a old shitty ash catcher i had ended up throwing it out because i couldnt get the taste out
  5. how long did u let it soak?
    its pretty caked on there a good half inch/inch in places
  6. 2 days it got all the resin out but the taste just stayed it was to hard to rinse clean just make sure you got alot of water goin through it after im sure if you have a half decent ash catcher you will be fine the one i had was literally a throw away from my LHS  the owner gave it to me when i got my bong
  7. I have a black leaf

    If you look at the pic most of the resin is where the tube turns into the arms basically in the middle of the ashcatcher
  8. Also how many times did you reuse the cleaning liquid?
  9. i don't ever reuse any cleaning solution but that looks easy enough to clean
  10. Grunge off works extremely well.

    Although, a lot of people say it's just re-branded Simple Green, though Grunge off smells much better.

    But with how cheap Simple Green is at Walmart, that's my choice of cleaner for once a month deep cleaning/soaking, while I use iso and salt for regular cleaning (daily or every other day).

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  11. So I soaked it for about 10 hours and WOW it did a amazing job for that time only a very thin layer of res in some place, compared to a inch thick blanket of disgusting grease, ash, resin, and water.
    Time to soak my bong, it wasn't near as bad but still could use a nice cleaning
    That's a mineral deposit, happens all the time where air is blown into water... organic tea brewer, aquarium, bong... CLR takes it off.
  13. Thanks haha. I will look into this some more!

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