Anyone use Great White?

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  1. both my great white and mykos was free so i cant complain, they werent shooting all out the sides of the pot or bottoms, but at the base of the main stem where it hits the coco, that entire top layer of coco had fuzzy white roots lol, i shoulda took a picture
  2. recipe for more females... cooler temperatures , blue light, N only diet, and lower RH.

    last time i posted somebody asked for the study. I can't find it. If you come across there's a chart with different results of hemp nutrient diets, they got %100 females with high N
  3. Ive been using great white since my first grow (on my 4th), its an awesome product. I havent ued it with coco, but I've used it in rockwool and the proof is evident. I recommend for sure. Check out Hygrozyme, another amazing beneficial. Just started my first journal, using Great White, Hygrozyme, and Humboldt Roots, all beneficials.
  4. Go to the grocery market and nuy cloves? Amd water em into the soil? Just put em on top?

  5. cloves? explain please
  6. I saw someone mention clover...cloves and clover not the same huh?
  7. Garlic Cloves are a great companion plant as well as clovers , deer foor!!!. clovers store nitrogen in the roots and allosw the roots of neighboring plants to acess that extra nitrogen when needed. Cloves from the store will keep bugs away and keep your girls healthy and more flavorful when its all said and done. but garlic takes about 8 months to mature so it will grow with a few different plants.
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    well I don't know about that ^^^^, but I let my plant's roots soak in some chopped garlic extract i made (the clamp sealed container still stunk up the room for a few weeks), for about 10 minutes each, transplanted and didnt water them in, and its lookin dandy.

    BTW mister stick finger, i've heard of some organic growers planting lawns with coco, because it's so cheap (right about 8$= 4 c vs. 12$= 3.8). think they're fertilizing with myco's and CNS17? ha ha /.. .. ... ..
  9. I have heard from a few different very reliable sources that Great White is actually a product made by a company named Mycorrhizal Applications. Great White just relabels the product and marks up the price a good 5 times.

    Mycorrhizal Applications also supplies another company called Mycorrhizal Products with the same spores used in Great White's very expensive mix. While Mycorrhizal Products only sells bulk product, you can get 5 pounds for cheap...

    I think it's $90 for 5 pounds compared to $450 for 5 pounds of Great White. I definitely think I am going to snag a bulk shipment once I use up the rest of the free samples I have.
  10. Hey chief, sounds like a plan. I'll add that if possible apply as much as you think you can with no delay, considering the possibly limited shelf life on these products. Im sorry I don't have details but ya know..... the sooner the better.

    to utilize this these products the spores have to colonize root zones... since they have 'terminal' population caps, adding more spores is useless unless you are sure the bacteria have not been fed with sugars (and raw, dried plant matter), or their numbers are damaged by synthetic nuterient.

    In your instance, growing organic, you'd need to have a LOT of media to use 5 up the pounds of the powder- I'd guess in different containers, at that... not re-using media would help you use it up faster too...
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    [quote name='"hope2toke"']I'll add that if possible apply as much as you think you can with no delay, considering the possibly limited shelf life on these products. Im sorry I don't have details but ya know..... the sooner the better.[/quote]

    Good point Hope. I didn't really think about that. I'm not much into reusing my medium besides recycling it to use for my house plants. So hopefully I can make use of the spores fairly quickly. I just hate to pay $40 for 4 ounces of Great White when for $90 I can get 20 times more. Maybe I can take a pound and give the rest to my buddy who owns a hydro store so he can give it to people who will put it to good use haha. Or maybe I can sell the rest on craigslist!

    Regardless, I was looking around for some info about the shelf life of Mycorrhiza and Mycorrhizal Applications actually has some good info right on their website haha.

    From their website...

    So I am hoping that if I keep up with my grow schedule, I will be able to use 5 pounds in three years. Hopefully that is haha.
  12. The more resources I have the efficient I am thanx for the info oh an saving people money
  13. some thank, some curse, most every one's blazed.
  14. what bsuma is the fact that with a little knowledge we could probably produce our own mykos. if we only knew how to harvest the propagules.
  15. Anyone know if Root Excelurator contains any of the same beneficials as Great White? (trichoderma, mycorrizae, bacterias)
  16. highly unlikely due to the fallacious concept of bottled aerobic bacteria. Even if it was refrigerated I doubt they would do well in a sealed container.

    I won't bother looking at that synthetic, overpriced product, but if its any good at all I bet some kind of fermented plant (arrested with citric acid) is added in there. cheap cheap materials with a %700+ markup, almost for sure about that.
  17. Cali Connection Sour OG: This clone got Mykos instead of great white...Crazy roots! Love 3g smart pots!!


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  18. mykos arnt the only thing in great white
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    Mykos actually only contains one strain of spores, Glomus intadices, at 80 spores per cc. While Xtreme Gardening's product is priced fairly, diversity is what we are aiming to achieve.

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