Anyone use GeoPlanters?

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  1. I currently am setting up a 4x8 tent for flowering, and have been debating going with the 4x8x12 geoplanter and doing 18 plants. My other option is going with individual 15 gallon geopots for all 18. Any suggestions? I have heard that the planters may be a bit easier on the beginning gardener. I would love any advice from people that have used one. Thanks!
  2. i dont use them but being only 12" deep makes me wonder if they are deep enough :confused_2:, you want some room for top dressing and mulch as well
  3. here's an idea: growpro 100 gallon square pots are 32" from side to side. you could fit 3 of those in a 8x4.
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  4. I would want to go way bigger than one gallon per plant myself... but I like to let them get big. I would probably only run 6 plants in a 4x8 space.

    But definitely go with the beds.
    I don't see depth being much of an issue if there's room to grow wide. 12" should be enough.

    Plus I've heard worms only live in the top 8" of the soil... so you would get more benefit from their magic in shallower soil...

    But I dunno, I've never used beds... but if I did I wouldn't plan on building them much deeper than a foot.
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  5. I use 15 & 20 gal. Geo pots I love them. I sit them on a couple 1 inch PVC pipes to keep them from sitting directly on the floor and it also lets air get under the pots . I've never had and overwatering issue
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    Similar idea to the guys who use pallets outside, good idea man!

    I will have to check those things out, I think those will be my preferred option. I was looking for some square smarties, and those sound absolutely perfecto. I think I may check those out. Maybe if all goes well I'll run a separate 4x4 with one of those 12" planter boxes and do a report with the same mom in both situations. You da man, second time you hit me with good advice

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  7. I currently have one of the 4x4 geoplanters in my front patio to grow veggies, and we have loved it. So much so, we bought another to run indoors instead of induvidual pots, can't wait for all that soil space. Just got my old soil put in an reamended, and then the soil I made up a month or two ago will go in on top along with some fresh castings/worms from my bin.

    Since this is indoors, should I be putting it in a tray? Anyone done this? My first thought was no, so I set it up in my "self made" grow tent, which has 5x6 foot print with a tarp laid in it and attached on the sides, to make a simple tray. Then another tarp under the whole tent, and the geoplanter sits on a thick rubber mat. So I'm thinking that should be fine, I'll post up some pics when i get all the soil in and clovers planted.
  8. Ah, yes. And to the OP. I say have at it. Try the planter, the more soil the better is the way I see it. Post up your experiences. I've found it sorta difficult to find people's results using planter boxes vs pots.
  9. How much better are Geopots compared to regular smart pots? Because on Ebay the Geopots are double the price.
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  10. Geopots are a little thicker material and a little more quality, but it's a fabric pot. As long as it breaths and holds soil it's doing the job....

    The geoplanter was the reason I went for them. I can get either 2x #15 smartpots in a mortar pan or 1 #35 geoplanter.
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