Anyone use Floralicious Plus???

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  1. I am growing in ffof soil using canna terra flore and pk 13/14. I got a couple free samples of the GH floralicious plus and want to know from others that have experince using it and know if its actual worth using? Does it do any noticeable diffrence in taste like it says? Any input on it would be much appreciated

    This is what it looks like

    chill & smoke some bud!
  2. What would be the most comparable product to the Floralicious thats out there? I'm flowering using Fox Farms trio, the FF granule additive trio, 1 tsp Botanicare Calmag, 1 tsp Silica Blast, slowly increasing Sweet, and I use the FF Microbe Brew once every other week.

    I've been told that the Floralicious is some real good shit to use but would it be beneficial to try some considering what I'm aleady feeding them? I don't want to get the Floralicious if all it's benefits are aleady being provided by the existing nutes I have.

    BTW - week 4 of flower and everything's lookin great so far!

    Thanks for the replies!

  3. I use GH Floralicious Plus. Let me bring you a couple ounces and you can try it on just a couple plants, leaving the others alone...and compare the differences at the end of harvest?
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