Anyone Use Crystal Burst by Humboldt Countys Own

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  1. So I was at my local grow shop the other day searching for a new liquid flower nutrient as usually every year I try something new because I havent found anything that has WOW'd me to keep using it. Well I was searching their nutrients and stumbled across Humboldt County Own, Crystal Burst, 0-15-15.

    It looked like a good nutrient to me being from Humboldt and the price was on point at only $23.00 for a large bottle, It was cheap compared to other bottles the same size by Humboldt that cost $85-100. Think It was Gravity.

    Here's a link to their website: | Emerald Triangle

    My question is has anyone used Crystal Burst and had good results?

    Is B1 bad to use on plants?

    I like how it's 0-15-15, Shouldnt burn the plants, I've just read that if you start using there nutrients to early they have such a effect you can actually decrease yield. This one says to start feeding once they start budding then continue until harvest.

    I know Humboldt countys own is one of those iffy companys because they don't always list what's in there nutrients, The stuff I think was Gravity said on the back, " We don't know why it works but it works" From what I've read what's in Gravity has been banned sense the 80's, It's like a steroid for plants or something I herd they use it on tree's that grow under power lines to keep them stocky but not tall.
  2. I have used it but it was indoor, and hydro, and givin to me for free..

    Are you using a base fertilizer?? like Fox farm, or humbolts, or going organic, ie your guanos and wormcasting.

    Depending on awnser above, you prob dont need it, maybe in a month and a half when they are in full bloom, just go real easy and water the piss out of them if they are in the ground, get it good and diluted, and down deep.

    You gotta take anything they say at the hydro shop with a grain of salt, its their job to sell that $80 a bottle anabolic plant steriod, I cant wait till they start selling it in syringes or make it glow in the dark.
  3. Well the hydro shop didnt pitch me on the product there not that type of people, their actually people that I kinda know that work at the tattoo shop across the road. I just was looking for a good liquid nutrient I've never tried before, Not a big fan on Foxfarms nutrients as there always over prices and not that strong.

    I grow in 5 gallon bucket so my water and nutrients always hit the root ball and dont leach off into the ground.

    I do use another nutrient it's like a guano but it's by " Age Old Organic's " It's a 5-10-5 ratio, I usually top dress so when it rains they get a free feeding but were in the worst drought in years, So I've been just making a tea with it, and feeding with my watering.

    I have noticed making tea's doesnt work as well as using a fast acting liquid feed hence why I always use both liquid and compost tea's.

    I was just asking question about this Homboldts County own because some of their stuff has mixed reviews I've read online.

    Some people say you can notice a difference within a week and some people say don't use their stuff like gravity because it contains some shit in it that isn't good, and they wont release what's in it but I read online that whatever is in it has been banned sense the 80's but it's like a steroid for plants and makes massive plants.

    Google online about Humboldts County Own, Gravity and you'll see what im talking about and I think that's why the price is $90 a bottle

    I just did a lil more research on the Crystal Burst, and It's suppose to be like their " Snow Storm Ultra" which aids in trich production but they said some strains take to it better then others. I know the strain that im growing produces alot of trichs and gets frosty so Hopefully it will take to this nutrient and get super frosty
  4. generall you want to stick with either organic or chemical, one or the other

    its not gonna kill your plant using both, but with the crystal burst your gonna be lacking a lot of the micro nutrients you would get with a base nutrient system, If you are not keen on fox farm, I like CNS grow and bloom, by botanacare, GH has a pretty popular one as well, both are very inexpensive and have everything you need in it ready to go, ie all your micro nutrients in it.

    What you have there is a bloom booster, its gonna give you extra P and K, that is sometimes needed during the height of bud production. They generally contain very few of the vital micro nutrients.

    When you feed your baby with a chemical fertilizer, you wanna make sure you have 25% you you feed her run right out the bottom into your pan or on the ground. This will prevent an excess of salt to build up in your dirt, this is especially true with a smaller pot, since your root to median ratio will be higher than in a larger pot.

    As far as the guano and going organic, there is no need for salt to be in the equation. Organics rely on beneficial microbs to break down the guano into the P and K that is then able to be used by the plant. That is where worm casting teas come in. When a worm eats dirt, he has those benefitial microbs in his gut. when he craps it out, that is called worm casting. You can take a scoop of WCs and mix it in a one gallon bucket, with an aeration stone in the bottom and some mollases. This is an ideal breeding ground for those microbs and they will multiply, then water your plant with it.

    For your situation I would stick with chemical ferts, because of the size of your pot, its gonna be easier to provide the needed nutrients.

    When using both chemical and organic, you must be very carefull because those microbs dont like salt, that is why I like choosing one or the other.

    tricomes are mostly dependent on strain, not fertilizers and additives..

    I didnt mean to bash your friends at the hydro shop, but I would wonder why they did not fill you in on this info.

    I would go very easy on the crystal burst, cause its strong ,0-15-15 is pretty potent stuff.

    My base bloom with that CNS metioned above is like 2-5-3 give or take. With it being so dry and hot across the country, I would shoot for half strengh and water every other feeding. that will keep you flushing while you feed.

    Hope this helps, and good luck
  5. Thanks for the info, I was thinking that the Crystal burst contained micro nutrients, I've always just fed my plants with a guano and a liquid chem feed. I've never really thought to much about nutrients. I have used some Root Organics shit before which I think has mirco nutrients to help with the root system and taking up nutrients.

    With it being so dry I'm having a hard time keeping my plants alive they have almost wilted to death twice in the past week from going 2 days without water. So I'm in the process of cutting bushes down under tree's and growing in the woods this year because the lack of rain and super hot temps is killing them. I had one placed under a tree on the woods line and it was alive and doing great not wilt. But my other 5 big plants were outside the woods line like 5ft away thinking they would get shaded all morning and get sun from afternoon to dusk but apprently that's to much sun for them to handle in a 5 gallon bucket.

    I'll have to look around for another liquid nutrient to add. I also dont think I get any salt build ups I've never noticed any around the plants or when I pull them out the buckets at the end of the year everything looks healthy.

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