Anyone use Bio-Grow or Bio-Bloom organic fertilizer??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DJ420Chillin, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. I bought a few bottles of Bio-Grow and Bio-Bloom and was wondering if anyone else uses them and what they think. Also, how much do you use cause the directions are in metrics and are hard to understand? Thanks.
  2. i use them extact same stuff works nice bloom lowers ph in water

    just a lil trickle in ur water will do but best to check and adjust ph if your unsure

    not sure about bio-grow prolly raises ph (untested)

    my water ph is 7.3 from source a lil trickle of bloom in a 1 litre water bottle normaly takes is down into optimal ph range

    which is 6.5-6.8 in soil
  3. I have been using a teaspoon per each gallon of distilled water. Does that sound right? Not sure what a "trickle" means. Could be interpreted in a few different measurements.

    PS - Ill hopefully have some pics up tomorrow of my grow room and my 8 white widow plants. I also have one plant that is 3 weeks into budding that my mom gave me. I might post a pic of it to to see if anyone knows what strain it is. It is some of the best I have smoked ever.
  4. hehe is dont use extact measurements like a trickle to me is,

    maybe 1-2 teaspoons per litre maybe more

    the key factor is that u check the ph lvl of the water b4 u feed them it to be sure that it is within optimal rng

  5. I wondered how you got away w/using an ammendment as a stand alone! Isn't that costly?

    2 tsp per liter = 8 per gallon. the label calls for 2-5 ml per liter = 8 to 20 ml per gal.

    2 tsp per liter(a trikle) = 8O ml per gal. dayum. 4X lable?

    This right?

  6. LOL :wave: no idea what ur on about looks like pure jibberish to me forgot to mention it is 2 litres not 1 but w/e kinda weird some ppl r quick to knock others rather then help.

    this feedme dude dont got anything better to do then knock me rather then actualy helpin people ive seen in alot of his threads and ive had enuff = ignore list.

    MOVING ON!! lol

    its good nute solution tho man will make ur girls fat like mine even tho i dont use exact measurements a full bottle will last u a long time and no need to use it like i do if u dont wanna lol

    less is more specialy with nutes

    GL with ur grow :smoking:

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