Anyone use a VitaVac for storage?

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  1. I bought a 0.06L VitaVac for on the go storage, still waiting for it to arrive. I'm thinking it would be good to hold an eighth. I wanted something that wasn't breakable I could take camping, disc golfing, etc. that also wasn't just a baggie. I use mason jars for actual at home storage, this is strictly for on the go. Anyone else use these for similar purposes? It's legal where I'm at, so I don't care so much about smell. You smell weed all over the place here. Just hoping it's a decent, solid container.

  2. I use a tightvac which I think is the exact same thing but larger. It works just as well as a mason jar, except after a few months it loses the airtight seal and the plastic attracts trichomes and a lot stick to the edge. But other than that it's solid and if u handle it carefully it can be smell proof.
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  3. I have that exact same one but clear. That size holds up to 4g of dense bud.

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  4. Cool, that's about how much I was hoping it would. Perfect for a weekend or so.
  5. I've read a few reviews with people talking about how it smells, but when I read that kind of thing I usually think that has more to do with people not realizing they're contaminating the outside of the container themselves.
  6. That's true. I'm not sure about other people, but from my experience my year old tightvac doesn't close well, and isn't completely airtight, but I don't smell anything from it. I never tried smelling really close, but it's not noticeable.
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  7. I have tried them all, most have been good attempts, but after time or use they don't work as well or simply break or plastic cracks over time.

    I saw a new product at the past Champs trade show in Vegas. I figured I have spent at least $150 over the past few years on containers, and decided to give the Ferrari of storage a try. Whoever designed this thing hit all the pain points and came up with something that actually works EVERY DAY and is so easy to use.
    • No odor. ZERO ZIPPO. My dog could care less when he is near it, and he's got a good sniffer!
    • Built-in vacuum pump keeps everything fresh by removing air, which can cause mold
    • Built like a brick house - really nice design and materials such as stainless steel
    • Humidity control capable
    • Best of all it has a freaking resettable keyless combination lock to keep my everyone out of my stuff and it's great for transport (portable, no smell, combination lock)
    It's called Sneakguard, I am not sure what stores have them as Champs was their launch, but they are available online on their website with free shipping.
  8. Those look interesting. Is this the one you got? SneakGuard Combi-Fresh That's way overkill and over priced for what I was looking at the Vitavac to do, but I wanted to post the link because that's a pretty cool product someone might want.
  9. Got the Vitavac in today. It was exactly as I'd expected and well made. I don't know that I'd trust it if I was using it to hide weed (which I'm not), but I think it's a great storage container.
  10. personally recommend 'em i have the smallest version, and the third size up after that, i love the shit outta both of em, lil one for travelling bigger one for storing my bud, and right now i've got a half oz sitting in it ^_^
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