Anyone Use a Hydrofarm RAPTOR Reflector?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by scrogger, May 5, 2011.

  1. If you have used and/or are using, Hydrofarm's Raptor reflector, please tell me your thoughts:

    Can you get lower to your tops?

    what is the square foot layout or light footprint for a 1000w at 24" above the tops?

    Would 250cfm cool it down to optimum temp? If not who many cfm needed?

    I realize grow yos wont work, as the reflector is 50+ lbs. rope rachets will do the job i think.

    Anything you want ot mention about them. I normally use P.L. A/C hoods with the 1000w reflector. i think the raptor with a next gen ballast will do the trick, pending your kind advice.

    Thanks in advance, i truly appreciate it.
  2. It seems that that is very little info out there, in print. even hydrofarm has very little info, and that info is copied and pasted in every online hydro shop and article i can i find.

    Raptor users Needed!!!

  3. they seem to be pretty legit altho i have not used them. the hydro store near me sells alot of them tho, so they must be decent.
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    went to the hydro shop today to check one out, and they were being put on a truck going out, as they were all purchased. all 8 of them. The guys at the shop say their biggest clients are buying a lot of them.

    The guys at the shop had no experience with them, and they didnt have another to set up so i could test it out.

    It's a pricey upgrade, but if all is "kosher" this product seem right up my alley.
  5. the new hype is bigger is better... i know for a fact that the raptor is not the only big reflector out there. sunlight supply makes a big foot print reflector called the MAGNUM XXXL. I also know that solisTek has a reflector coming out called the SolisMax. alot of the industry leaders are taking size into consideration and i only expect better and more affordable products to be available in the near future.
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    I totally agree with you, with regards to better pricing to come. That raptor is 40"x30" and i imagine it will cool really well, given the proper cfm of air is pulled thru it.

    I checked out the magnumXXXL and the extreme 8" and another, byt sun systems, i believe. the magnumXXXL is only like 30"x20something when compared to 40x30.
    THE 6" IS 30X20something the 8" is 40x30. pretty close to the raptor.

    I wish i was able to take the time to ride out the high market pricing, but i cannot. I need to make a decision in a few days.

  7. here is the solismax reflector i was talking about: SolisMAX 8 - Air Cooled Reflectors
    check it out. it is also close to 30 x 40... everyone is steppin it up!

  8. Thanks for link, and helping me out.

  9. So did you decide on a reflector? I'm on the fence on a couple raptor setups
  10. Ended up getting two raptors at the hydro store for 175 each, stoked
  11. What up scrogger, I have used the raptor 8 inch hoods in the recent past. I love them, but they are massive! In my current box I tired to use the raptor but those things are just too damn big. Only my slightly smaller magnum fit into the box. I currently own 2 raptors that are sitting in my garage not being used. IMHO I never had any problems with the raptors except for their size. When removing the glass from the hood I did notice the quality of the fasteners holding the glass were sub par when compared to the magnum hoods. But you cant deny the footprint of the raptor. Hope that helps.

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