anyone use a deep water culture system?

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  1. Thinking of making one, anyone use this method? success? link to one of your grow logs? Peace.
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    I built one of this guys systems, with 6 linked buckets, and It is definitely a good way to grow.

    Lets Build a Bubble Bucket *Step by Step

    There are a lot of people that have followed Rumps DIY and had fantastic results, as you'll see by reading his thread and the links to his grows.It's a long read, but very helpful, and informative....................
  3. I just started 2 DWC boxes (see pics in my grow journal link in my sig). I was using the drip irrigation method but DWC seems less hassle. I have a single head fogger in each DWC box. Each box has 4 planters. I think I will like it.
  4. Rump's bubble bucket tut is awesome, you will learn alot even if you only read a tenth of it. I'm using that system and it is working great and its fairly easy and straight forward...water, nutes, bubbles, add some light, bob's your father and you have some great bud. (its not that easy but you know what i mean)

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