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anyone use a ac in thier grow room

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by calikicksnet, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. anyone use a ac in there room
  2. please post in the correct sections
  3. How fuckin hot is it in his grow room?
  4. without proper ventilation it can get 100+ easy

    but to answer the question yes, some people do it, i guess you would have to if heat were that much of an issue indoors
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    It was a sarcastic remark, i am quite aware of the temps in a grow room. However using an ac unit is the dumbest thing i ever heard of to power temps, maybe in a commercial set up but for the home cultivator no way.
    For one ac systems need vented outside, and they cause a lot of humidity, use a lot of unnecessary electric, and are expensive.
    Buy a fan, build a carbon scrubber and vent it.
  6. i meant use them to bring the color out on certain strains , so any one use them ?if not how to you cool the room down to a steady temp ?
  7. Actually i had to use an aircondtioner once in my room but not the whole system its self.I let the air conditioner unit sit in a window so it would cool my regular room and attached a 6" duct about 6 foot long going into my grow room,worked great.But if u dont have the money i wouldnt suggest doing it it can be costly to run airconditoners.
  8. call me dumb i guess.. but i use AC in my grow room during warm weather months. I also have a carbon filter and a fan venting out... i donno AC keeps it nice and cool in there and i doubt i'd be able to grow during the summer without it. Sure it costs more but what i pay for a month of AC is probably 2 buds from 1 plant.. which sounds pretty cheap to me.

    AC doesn't cause a lot of humidity it reduces humidity.
  9. yeah an air conditioner solves the vent problem. it allows for cheaper and more efficient co2 enrichment. i see where it just looks unpractical, when you could be using a series of cooltubes, but that urban grower guy is all over air conditioners like white on rice. if you had 40-50 plants in a small bedroom running 3500 watts of light, youd probably wanna run some sort of small ac or chiller instead of sacrificing all that co2 enrichment.
  10. and yes air conditioners pump out humidity very well
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  12. I use an A/C in my room, i have to so i can keep the temps perfect. if i dont, it gets way to hot, even tho i have intense ventilation the outside temp here is always 26c to 35c with 70-100% Humidity.

    I cant see what that guy is going on about as tho an aircon is the worst thing in the world .... if it keeps your temps under control = more yield, simple as that.

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