anyone use 60 site system

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  1. I was thinking of buying a 60 site system for a sog grow withe 2 1000w hps

    was wondering if anyone else has one of thease systems and if so what kind of yeilds were you getting?

  2. if you were doing SoG you would want like a 10 and a fifty set system. one for veg one for flower room. i dont know much about aero itself tho.
  3. If u are referring to the aeroflo 60 site would not recommend it. I've ran one extensively. When it works it works. But extremely hard to get dialed in. u just about haft to run the pump 24/7 to keep the roots evenly wet. It says u can set it on a timer but if the rails are down and the tank is full it will over flow the 40 gallon reservoir, or if the power goes out. It's not a true aro system it's really a NFT/DWC. U will also need a water chiller to keep your temps low. Also doing res changes can become a hassle. I will say this it does produce roots very quick and once u get it dilled in it will produce but I would not recommend just my opinion.
  4. i love this setup. so simple any dummy can grow killer bud. Just use the lucas formula and you cant go wrong.
  5. I use an aeroflo 60 site in my setup and I agree that dialing it in is difficult. However, with a couple modifications it works great. The "laser" spray lines that mount in the growing chambers are a joke. They make the system a nft basically. I bought 60 of the 330 degree sprayer heads (little plastic pieces green, yellow or red colored usually). Drilled 1/8" holes where the laser holes are. This allowed a big enough hole to poke each of the sprayer heads into the "laser" line and screw them in (same as though the line were pvc). This makes for a lot of nutrient spray action in the enclosed root chamber.
    Since GH are all about monopolizing their net cup sizes in order to charge more to replace them.....I use keg cups that I cut or drill holes into and fill with clay pebbles. These go in between my systems with that 1/4" difference in net cup size.

    In time the 60 site has real leak problems along the pump, pvc elbows, manifold,etc.. Two 30 sites are far better than this one 60 site. I run (2) 4-tray Aerjet 24 site systems, (1) Aeroflo 60 site system, (2) Aeroflo 30 site systems, and a 60 site EZ cloner. The only systems I use that aren't modified are the 4-tray 24 site systems. They are my favorite, but they should come with bigger resivoirs.

    Hope this helps.
  6. What is the cycle you guys run your aero 60 on. I am hooking mine up tomarrow and a good starting point would help. Any advice will be appreciated if getting
    It dialed in is as difficult as you say
  7. I run mine 24/7

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